The hotel is not modern and not fancy but It's located right in the center of Jalan Legian, near the clubs, the restaurants, 5min from Perama buses, and 10min walking from the beach.
1) Jenja : Best overall, photo source: Jenja Bali, where is it?
I havent been there since diving Lembongan about a decade ago so it was nice to see my favourite Elephant, Selfi, who I once rode still there and looking reasonably happy.One is called the 360 bar which is high up in the mountains and gives a great view.Good crowd and one of the best pick up places on the island.Some great shows including sexy dancers.If you don't have i am a black cock whore a taxi, you just have to follow Jalan Imam Bonjol from Sunset Road, then Jalan Teuku Umar.The girls who accompanied them had shorts on with their bikini tops but fkn ugly shoes.There's some great bars around.The rest is 25 expats and 15 tourists.

IDR250,000 entrance fee with one free drink.
The following venues are all the busiest party spots in Bali at the time of writing.
We paid our temple entrance and sarong rental fee and went walking around the temple and a short way along the cliffs themselves only to witness the naughty bloody monkey jumping on the aussie twenty something guys ch laughter until the monkey and his mates.
It starts to fill up around midnight.
Since the movie ' Eat, Pray, Love the village has become a retreat for all sorts of women (divorcees, backpackers, hippies, etc.).I'd expect that kind of thing to happen more in the Kuta area, as that's where people tend to go for the nightlife (street of bars and the Sky Bar) I thought the nightlife was quite disappointing in comparison to Thailand.I turned a corner and walked up a busy laneway to grab a taxi back to Jimbaran and spotted the classily named Fuck U Up Bar with its neon mushroom logo.Female crowd: Western tourists, Indonesian tourists and prostitutes.If you go to Ubud, you'll notice a much higher ratio of girls to guys.There is not much interactions in the crowd.8) Hu'u Bar : (closed) Photo source: Hu'u Bar Where is it?On our 5 hour stopover in Jakarta on the way back Mum had asked where we were staying.Akasaka and A-Club are both in the same complex, in Denpasar, on the Simpan Enam roundabout.The famous, sky Garden in Kuta features at least 5 different rooms, each with a different atmosphere and crowd.

You can go starting midnight.
We had a late night flight back from Sumatra and a couple of days as I wanted to break up the travel for mum so booked at the absolutely lovely Abi Bali Villas.