For 2014, ING is projecting Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.1 percent.
Now, the Education Ministry says the same thing happened at Ibn Ghaldoun to 14 other exams.
Company registration number: 935240.
Government spending has risen in the past 11 years by no less than 62 percent.The disappearance of ford escort rs200 this latter group of jobs has come as a surprise to a large portion of the aivd staff.Coffee-shops in Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland had to exclude foreign clients last year.Read More Capital Markets Punish Netherlands for Slow Economic Recovery amsterdam, 13/08/13 - International investors are divesting Dutch state bonds because The Hague is braking growth with a one-sided focus on cutbacks.Read More KPN Accelerates 4G Rollout amsterdam, 19/06/13 - Telecom concern KPN now expects to be able to complete the rollout of the new 4G network in the Netherlands three months earlier than previously thought.Read More Dutch Company Not Prosecuted for Israeli Wall THE hague, 15/05/13 - Crane-leasing company Riwal of Dordrecht is not to be prosecuted for its contribution to the construction of the controversial encirclement by Israel around the Palestinian territories.

Read More Number of Euthanasia Clinic Teams to be Doubled THE hague, 25/05/13 - From 1 June, 30 mobile teams of doctors and nurses will handle euthanasia requests from throughout the Netherlands.
Read More Telegraaf: Only Two Newspaper Companies to Survive amsterdam, 17/08/13 - The number of newspaper companies in the Netherlands is expected to shrink sharply in the coming year.
Among other things, he will sign a new bilateral tax treaty with the Chinese government and he will draw attention to the Netherlands as a country of residence for Chinese companies.
Read More Judges Remove Portrait of Queen Maxima THE hague, 24/07/13 - At the insistence of judges, portraits of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have been removed from a district court in The Hague.Wageningen University professor Bart Knols considers the government is being too lax regarding the dangerous exotic insect.The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) on Tuesday revised its GDP estimate sharply downwards.Read More Dutch Army Must be Deployable Worldwide THE hague, 27/06/13 - Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis is facing new cutbacks on her budget.Read More Fifteen National Exams Leaked medieval brothel through Islamic School THE hague, 12/06/13 - Not just one but 15 national exams for secondary education school leavers have been stolen and distributed from the controversial Ibn Ghaldoun Islamic school in Rotterdam.If there is money over at the end of the year because claims turn out to be low, the members will receive a payout.The PCs are intended to contribute to a worthwhile use of the day by the prisoners.A commission headed by Herman Wijffels brought out recommendations on the future of the banking sector Friday.As a result of this measure, Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher hopes to be able to reduce the number of forced marriages.The newest shoot in the Dutch 3D print sector is 3D Hubs.