She exchanges a few words in Shona brothels prices in nevada with the central coast brothel for sale security guard.
I pass school children scoring goals with a Coke can against a tree, miserable chickens awaiting a painful death, colourful West African skirts flapping in the wind, and the many hawkers waving their wares at me, legal or not.
A cockroach bums a lift with us and scampers across the elevator buttons as if to double-check that we are on our way to the eleventh floor.
Surely her johns dont come here for business?Pauline marches determinedly through this all, seemingly oblivious.I take the same route back and walk past the same enquiring eyes.At 03h00 in the morning, she, her sister and some others crawled through the barbed border fence between South Africa and Botswana.This friend introduced her to the sex trade and helped set her.Pauline giggles and says he comes from the same place as her in Zim and is her friend.

We talk about the campaign to decriminalise sex work that we are both involved.
The latter document cunningly avoided the latter components, stating that too much time had passed since the 2002 document and that more input from the public was required.
That is, if you can return at all.
If you are an illegal in the country a Makwere-kwere your problems are even greater.It is lively and upbeat and people are driven to eke out their survival here, if they can.Why the Metro Police were violently harassing people for drugs when they should rather have been issuing speeding fines wasnt clear to anyone present.There, Pauline spoke eloquently about the fears that foreign migrant sex workers have about 2010 everyone uses the year as shorthand for an event of a mere four weeks.I nod at the security guard looking after my car and spot Pauline at the entrance of the Esselen Street Clinic.He asks me matter-of-factly: Are your bag and jersey an ID book?On this pretext they manhandled the slightly built male community health worker, who counsels sex work clients during clinic consultations.

Affable calls and loud conversations create a Babel of magic that embellishes the poverty, squalor and threat of crime for a second.