Mesoamerica and South America edit The Maya maintained several phallic religious cults, possibly involving homosexual temple prostitution.
I intentionally" conservative Christian scholars, some of mature prostitute them with two earned doctorate degrees, because they all tend to be anti-gay.
Never in any of the Sodom passages does God or a human author of the Bible link Sodom with homosexuality.
One thing is certain anyway: all the historiographical excitement created around the theme reveals more about the way we view sex than about the ancient people.Thinking Christians are interested in what the Bible actually says, not merely what it is presumed to teach.First, she speaks on the misunderstanding between ritual sex and prostitution itself.Sexual acts played a fundamental role in the church's sacred rites, which were performed by Mary Ellen Tracy herself in her assumed role of High Priestess.

This understanding fits culturally, doctrinally, historically, linguistically and religiously.
If anyone had the linguistic and scholarly chops to find proof that globalization prostitution and sex trafficking the context of Leviticus was gays and lesbians, it would.
"From Whores to Hierodules: the Historiographic Invention of Mesopotamian Female Sex Professionals.
The view that Lev 18:22 and 20:13 prohibits temple prostitution or shrine prostitution is therefore, at least 2000 years old.
By the way, the strange twist of this is the idea that began in the ancient church that virgins were encouraged to dedicate their members and their flesh to this kind of union, that's where the temple prostitutes came from.The construction of a myth, that is all very interesting, isnt it?When God gives Moses the Law.Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part.The Bible never makes negative comments about faithful non-cultic same sex partnerships.Notice that nothing in the context of these verses deals with a faithful, non-cultic partnership between two men or two women.Molech worship is described as abomination- towebah, Leviticus 18:27-29.