The second is that they made it for the men awaiting their turn escort female at the brothel. .
Examples from the Web for prostitute, historical Examples, a woman who becomes a, prostitute is looked upon as a heroine.
Of prostitutus, past participle of prostituere (see prostitute (v.).
German prostituierte, Russian prostitutka, etc.
Ill wait while you finish chortling.Three additional accounts all hinge on the fact that Puttanesca sauce is easy and quick to make. .As is often the case when sifting through culinary history, there are multiple explanations. .They would've done other things, like just chopping a tomato and tossing in a handful of olives, capers, and a sprinkle of oregano.And the final version is that it was a favorite of married women who wished to limit their time in the kitchen so that they may visit their paramour.Moreover, they are rumored to specifically increase the female libido. .Of men, in reference to homosexual acts, from 1886 (in form prostitution phrase male prostitute attested by 1948.Italian would tell you it's named for those pungent aromas, says Segan, with several pauses for emphasis and a wink so strong it could be felt via telephone.But on further consideration, neither of these origin stories seems particularly plausibleI mean, sex workers arent the only people who appreciate quick, aromatic meals.1520s, "to offer to indiscriminate sexual intercourse (usually in exchange for money from Latin prostitutus, past participle of prostituere "to expose to prostitution, expose publicly from pro- "before" (see pro- ) statuere "cause to stand, establish from PIE root *sta- "to stand with derivatives meaning.That place is Italy and the stuff is puttanesca, which translates brothel san jose roughly to "lady of the night." Some sources call the sauce Roman (.The parsley however, must be fresh. .

When its hot, add the onion and season with salt and pepper.
Puttana in turn arises from the Latin word putida which means stinking.
Tebben didn't have much to offer in terms of suggestive origin anecdotes, but she did have a simple recipe for. .Oregano by the way is one of the few herbs that arent that bad in dried form. .Toss the pasta with the sauce, adding the reserved cooking liquid as needed to thin out the sauce.The first is that the prostitutes made it for themselves to keep the interruption of their business to a minimum. .Like salsa, it tastes best after an extended rest, (which allows the flavors to meld more thoroughly) and served at room temperature. .Italian history: World War.Despite uncertain origins, it's still damn good on spaghetti.Black olives are substituted for peppers and basil for cilantro. .

I serve it in martini glasses as an appetizer but you could also use it as a topping for bruschetta. .
It's made by combining anchovies, capers, olives, and optional ingredients like garlic, red pepper flakes, chile peppers, and tomatoes into a truly tasty gravy.