Their records state mother Mary sent to prison then asylum and paris sex escort he admitted from Creswick, but local Watch House Charge book gives childrens names as Daniel and Henry. .
She is 19 years, he c28 years. .
Applies to join force, served in South Africa. .
Discreet enquiries sought on behalf of General Sir.He was addicted to drink, 30-42 years old. .The father of the first two lived in NSW and the father of the third had reneged on a promise to marry her and disappeared. .Report states he has an ill-balanced brain and gives his background. .Has seen a report of the accidental death of a 16 year old child of that name 1992 escort lx mpg at Yarraville, asks if it is her only child who ran off with unnamed friend two weeks ago. .

He is a widower, 54 years, she is pregnant to him. .
2583, wrote from Parramatta Asylum in 1912, seeking financial assistance. .
5 pages, List 104.
Draper at Rushworth in 1918; brought back from Qld to face court, and promised to marry her, but ran away again. .
7 pages, List 104.Mattinson, John, sought by South Aust.26 pages, List.27 pages and two photos. .6 pages, List 107.Discreet enquiries find her at the City Family Hotel in Bendigo, using name Mcdent, appears respectable, and no action taken. .Hes also known as morgan. .