Source: Historical Timeline Prostitution, in fact, historically, where there are soldiers, there are women who exist for them.
Because of the ideas of the Social Purity movement, prostitution was regarded as evil.
Estimates of the total numbers of Filipina women and girls india brothels engaged in prostitution and other sex-based industries range between 300,000 and 600,000.The four sex workers led police to arrest Tran Huu Mai, Nguyen Thi Hong, Nguyen Thi Nam and Tran Ngoc Duc on charges of organizing prostitution, the police officer said.Hoa and his close aide Hoang Dinh Toan were arrested.Source: Sapa-DPA, March 17, 2003 / "Mai and Hong kept the women in two apartments in the southern city and organized clients.Source: By Bui Ngoc Long, Thanh Nien, May 14, 2007 - "Mai admitted she worked for Chu Tuan Hoa, 30 a Vietnamese owner of a massage parlor in Pakse, Champassak province in Laos.3 Prostitution and the Vietnam War edit During the Vietnam War, a whole sex industry sprung up around American servicemen."Decriminalising prostitution could 'dramatically' reduce sexual violence and STI transmission, finds study".

A raid was then carried out on the house of a married couple, the ringleaders of the network which specialised in persuading women to sell their virginity for 200 dollars, a police spokesman said.
Two suspects alleged to have tricked the girls into escort vacation dominican republic traveling to Europe were detained by police this week.
4 Advocates of decriminalization submit that where prostitution is illegal, sex workers are more susceptible to STIs.Many victims are lured into marriages with foreigners and migrate with their new husbands before being sold to brothels."2008 Human Rights Reports: Vietnam".Those who act as go-between for prostitution, harbor prostitution, coerce prostitution, organize prostitution, traffic in women and/or children in service of prostitution activities shall be examined for penal liability."It is impossible to change the situation of women in Vietnam without political reform he said.

Nam toured the rural provinces surrounding Ho Chi Minh, and promised to find Taiwanese husbands for the young women she recruited.
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