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(After this, Colette is not seen or mentioned again in the series.) Carol's inheritance is threatened when Curly's nephew, Vinnie, has hired a prostitution in southall private detective to try to prove that Carol is still on the game as a prostitute.Gina is later found murdered.Tracy also murders George Ferguson in cold blood while he is coming out of where he works in the car park.Band of Gold is a British television crime drama series, written and created by, kay Mellor, that first broadcast on, iTV.Brenda (Margo Gunn) is a Klenzit employee who helps Ferguson in his attempt to sabotage Scrubbit.Sarah's family fostered Colette but she ran away after being violent towards Sarah who tells Rose what Colette did to her when they were children.They have a pleasant day at the seaside but things are soured when they both have too much to drink and sleep together, they both wake up the next day regretting what they have done as Steve was married to Joyce's dead daughter Gina who.She panics and disposes of his body with Rose's help, but police find the car the next day with Carol's fingerprints all over the car.Carol's half sister, Lisa, turns up at her house because their mother is in hospital.All three series were initially released on VHS following their respective broadcast, followed by DVD reissues under the Cinema Club brand in July 2004.She ends up suffering an emotional breakdown after pouring a kettle of hot water on Curly.

A behind-the-scenes book, entitled, gold: The Making of Band of Gold, written by Anthony Hayward was published prostitution laws in the us on 2 September 1997, to tie in with the broadcast of the third and final series.
DCI Newell saves Emma and Vinnie is arrested for this and questioned about the death of his uncle, Curly, which he denies killing him.
Series 2 edit In the past several months in between the first and second series, Rose and Carol have turned their backs on prostitution and are trying to make a living by running their own cleaning company, "Scrubbit with the financial support of Anita.Series 3 edit Re-titled Gold, the third and final series is regarded as a spin-off or a sequel due to the series being heavily retooled (name change and only Carol and Rose from series one and two appearing again).Carol gets in the clear after the police discover Ferguson was killed in the same way as Curly.The first series ends on a somewhat upbeat note when Carol and Rose, still distraught over Gina's death, decide to quit prostitution and set up a legitimate cleaning company, with Anita and Gina's mother, Joyce, as silent partners, to rival that of the businessman, George.Tracy is now living with Rose and using the house as a Brothel much to Rose's dismay.As she spoke of her on-screen daughter, "kept" mistress Charlotte, she said: "The sex industry 's about the age of consent, not families.Moore to pay off her debts.Later on, Rose finds out that Colette is her daughter.