tijuana prostitution legal

An aids epidemic is developing because of rampant prostitution, unprotected sex and drug addiction.
Prostitutes at a government-run health clinic didnt seem too concerned about the change.
Skeptics say the new standards, modeled after those in the Mexican cities of Monterrey and Acapulco, will change little.
Police and medical examiners check the body of a man who died of an apparent drug overdose in El Bordo, the section soho escorts of the Tijuana River Canal that runs along the border with the United States.
Transgender women and gay men have the highest HIV infection rates of any group in Tijuana.Money is like a drug, she said.Oscar Villareal, 28, makes himself up as a women in a hotel room in downtown Tijuana before going out to look for clients.The epidemic is concentrated in groups like men who have sex with men, transgenders, and people who inject drugs or sell sex.Fernanda knows how to protect herself from the aids virus but said that 'sometimes the customers are very bad and make you do it without condoms'.

City officials say other regulators have been assigned to enforce the stricter standards.
Bernardo Padilla, director of municipal enforcement, said he closed 18 massage parlors in the month since the regulations took effect.
Warning: graphic content, new book, Tomorrow Is A Long Day, depicts how HIV is gripping the city.
This feature is not available right now.The interactive transcript could not be loaded.They said they get checkups anyway, to ensure they are healthy.A form of insurance, its a form of insurance, said Claudia Zarate, 18, who arrived from the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz four days earlier and plans to work in the street.Before, the few standards that existed were unwritten, which authorities say made them difficult to enforce.Manuel Noriega, who runs the government clinic, says brothel owners have agreed to pay part of the cost.

And this doesn't include the children who are diagnosed with the virus because of their parents.