Presently the two of them were escorting the Italian woman toward the foot of the cliff.
The sense of "person accompanying another to a social occasion" is 1936.
He did not, and I shifted my gaze to find Miss Plinlimmon coming towards me unescorted.
Show More verb (used with object) to attend or accompany as an escort.
Noun es-kawrt; verb ih-skawrt, see more synonyms for escort on m noun a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy: An escort of sailors accompanied the queen.As though she were unescorted, she passed before him down the steps.Still some twenty or thirty insisted on escorting me down to the stream.A thousand knights were escorting a man who sat his horse proudly and like a hero.from Italian scorta, literally "a guiding from scorgere "to guide from Vulgar Latin *excorrigere, from ex- "out" (see ex- ) corrigere "set right" (see correct ).To go with escort, attend, chaperon, be a companion to, tend, be with, go with, keep one company, follow, guard, guide, usher, lead (in show around, show in, show the way, conduct, squire, bring, convoy, go along with, associate with, consort with, go around with.Accompany means to go or be together with as a companion, associate, attribute, etc., and usually connotes equality of relationship he accompanied her to the theater; attend implies presence either in a subordinate position or to render services.Show More Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Word of the Day copse).To occur with occur with, happen with, coexist with, appear with, be connected with, go hand in hand with, go together with, take place with, go hand in glove with, occur in association with, characterize, co-occur.Lottie X 850 was again in this saloon with other unescorted women.

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Show More, origin of escort 157080; French Italian scorta, derivative of scorgere to conduct Vulgar Latin *excorrigere.
Escorting her now will be the foundation of your naval career.
Do you not see that it is the wounded knight we met that day you were escorting me to Urbino?Kee had said she was high-handed, and might she not elect to go about unescorted at any hour?1570s, in military sense, from Middle French escorte (16c.Escorting them across the room he showed them a low oven or kiln.Conduct, usher, squire, chaperon, take, guide.Show More escort.