sto escort survivability

11 The visible effects of sand rotor abrasion have been extensively observed in Afghanistan.
Pilot MIA and fate unknown 28673 (404th FS, 371st FG, 1st Tactical AF) in landing accident at Dijon-Longvic Airfield Y-9, France Dec 1, 1944.
75106 (513rd FS, 406th FG, 9th AF) in takeoff accident at RAF Ashford, Kent, England Jul 10, 1944.
Reported at March Field Museum.19662 Lend-Lease to Brazil.75737 December 21, 192 345th Fighter Squadron 350th Fighter Group 12th Air Force Pisa Airfield Pisa Italy Shot Down By Anti-Aircraft Fire at Castel Mella 7 km Southwest of Brescia Italy While on a Bombing Mission on The Railroad Between Canneto and Ghedi Italy.72879 (21st FG, 72nd FS) crashed into sea during strafing run over Arita-cho, Oki-gun, Wakayama Prefecture, Yuasa, Japan Aug 8, 1945.15445 (MSN 11733) used by the now Deputy CEO Vietnam Airlines to drop bomb on presidential palace.Macr (306th BG, 423rd BS, 'Miss Ponca City shot down Sept 12, 1944, Germany.8 persons killed and 37 injured.15510 (MSN 11798) noted during March 2005 in storage at Temple/Draughton-Miller RAP,.29198 (405th FG, 510th FS) shot down by AAA near St Avold, France Nov 18, 1944.19927 (411h FS, 373rd five dock brothel FG, 9th AF) in taxiing accident at Le Culot Airfield A-89, Belgium Nov 25, 1944.73362 to rcaf as 9295.

15405 (MSN 11693) noted during March 2005 in storage at Temple/Draughton-Miller RAP,.
Noted in Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop Airfield, England Jan 2002.
73423 (MSN ) Albert Boughey, Upland,.
15928 (UH-1V, MSN 12216) noted during March 2003 in storage at the amcom/Dynacorp facility at Temple/Draughton-Miller RAP,.
Registered as N7406 Nov 17, 1971, cancelled Dec 6, 1983 David.The aircraft was destroyed by fire but there were no injuries.20132 (64th FS, 57th FG, 12th AF) crashed from unknown cause N of Giovanna, 1989 ford escort lx wagon Italy Nov 17, 1944.73816 (51st FS) lost Jul 21, 1950.(When I was Comm/Nav we used to make Walkman adapters so the "stick actuators" could enjoy music on long flights.DBR when overshot landing and ran into ditch, Tanjore Aug 21, to RAF as Thunderbolt II KJ262.19775 (509th FS, 405th FG, 9th AF) crashed after being hit by explosion of truck just strafed N o Avricourt, France Sep 22, 1944.