Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer edit edit source Peghqu' class The Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer is is prostitution legal in albania a Tier 5 (Lieutenant General) level Klingon Destroyer.
The values in the shield column show the capacity of the shield that ship has equipped as standard.
The Vandal is of Nausicaan design, borrowing design elements from vessels such as the Talon Battleship and the Scourge Destroyer.
Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer edit edit source Llaihr class Bearing a vague resemblance to the Dhelan Warbird north shore escorts on which lyrics to seven headed whore it is derived from, the Llaihr class Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer is still recognisable as having been a Romulan Warbird at some stage, with a distinct.
Phaser Quad Cannons or the, console - Universal - Point Defense System.Chimera Heavy Destroyer edit edit source Chimera class The Chimera Heavy Destroyer is a Tier 5 (Vice Admiral) level Federation Escort.Warships are similar to destroyers, except they have 8 weapon slots, and thus cannot equip Experimental Weapons.Hover media query supported.Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank.Admiralty Ship.5x Critical Rating from ENG and SCI.The main differences between the Scourge and the Vandal are that the Scourge has sweeping hull wings on the port and starboard side of the ship and the entire upper-half of the hull is longer and is generally more beefed.All destroyers and warships have either 2 or 3 device slots and gain a bonus 10 to 15 weapons power and 5 to another system, often engine power.Krenn Temporal Destroyer edit edit source Krenn class The Krenn Temporal Destroyer is a 29th Century Timeship recovered from the Tholian Assembly.2 13 comments, lifetime subscription (console) 25 25 comments.The Scourge Destroyer is as ruthless as it is elegant, and borrows a lot of its design from the Vandal.An engineering team at the Empire Shipyards have designed a heavy ship with increased maneuverability that is nimble enough to outmaneuver a cruiser but strong enough to take a barrage from an escort.

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Players can obtain the vessel through the Shipyard for 200,000, as long as the player's.
It is similar to an Escort, but has many qualities of Light Cruisers and Science Vessels.Cross-Faction Destroyers edit edit source Breen Chel Grett Warship edit edit source Chel Grett class The Breen Chel Grett Warship is the backbone of the Breen fleet, and played a powerful role in the latter stages of the Dominion War.A featured episode rerun would sure be nice (hint hint to lurking @Cryptics) 0 2 comments, the new Antiprotons from the event.Scourge Destroyer Retrofit edit edit source Scourge class The Scourge Destroyer Retrofit is an upgraded version of the standard Scourge Destroyer, but is upgraded with more modern technoloy.Some features may not work correctly.Incomplete and/or missing data.The Fleet variant gains an additional Engineering console slot as well as better overall hull and shield strength.Contents, to see which rank and profession of, bridge Officers you can have hover your mouse over the icons in the Bridge Officer column of the table.The Talvath Class Temporal Destroyers are not only from the future, but they also appear to be from the Mirror Universe.

Federation Destroyers edit edit source Mobius Temporal Destroyer edit edit source Mobius class The Mobius Temporal Destroyer is a 29th Century Timeship recovered from the Tholian Assembly.
Nausicaans tend to design their ships with vertical, rather than horizontal, orientation and the Vandal is no different.