Wise yoga Yoga yoga Yoga yudha war, battle (poetic) yuddha battle From Pali edit Pali (Pli) is a Prakrit language and belongs to the Indo-European language family together with Sanskrit.
Aug 1607 : John Smith founds the colony of Virginia.
Royal equipments pavai parade pelbagai various.
Oct 2008 : Blowing himself up in Somalia, Shirwa Ahmed is the first USA citizen to become a suicide bomber nov 2008 : Barack Obama, a black man, is elected president of the USA nov 2008 : the world's oldest person, Edna Parker, dies.Noiseless; voiceless; silent boksu Chinese Christian pastor Min Nan bok-su pastor, minister, clergyman, priest, chaplain bokcoi bok choy Cantonese baak6 coi3 bok choy see bok choy ( Brassica rapa chinensis ) Min Nan beh-chhài bolui moneyless Min Nan but-lûi moneyless bong Chinese graveyard Min Nan.Indonesia functioning as lingua franca for speakers of 200 various languages across the archipelago.Throne kawal guard, escourt kval defence, protection, watchman, guard kedai foodstall kaai bazaar, shop, market kedelai Glycine max kaalai Cicer arietinum, Melastoma malabaricum Kanarese, Travancore usage kaale, Malayalam kaala kelam dark kaam blackness, dark colour; cloud keledai Equus asinus kautai Equus asinus ketumbar Coriandrum sativum.To get, to obtain, to receive.City way (way city) garuda, geroda garuda garua garuda gaya stylish, fashionable gaya wealth, property gelita dark galita waning, lost, perished genta bell ghaa bell gerha, graha building, office, house, etc.Title for high official in Java in the past.Lento (music) very slow.8 Indonesian Word Indonesian Meaning Spanish Word Spanish Meaning Note Ref adios good bye, farewell adiós good bye, farewell bonanza wealth, good fortune, or profits source bonanza fair weather, prosperity canasta canasta canasta canasta caudillo caudillo caudillo caudillo cedilla cedilla cedilla cedilla conquistador conquistador, Spanish.(something) from Havana kamisa shirt camisa shirt see also kemeja, from Portuguese matador bullfighter matador killer Based on English usage, matador used in the English language as title for a bullfighter, which come from shortening of matador de toros (lit.

1919 : the USA overtakes Europe as total industrial shemale escort ny output 1919 : Barnum and Bailey's circus merges with the Ringling Brothers to form the "Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus" 1920 : kdka (Pittsburgh) is the first commercial radio station in the USA 1920.
Loanwords from Portuguese were mainly connected with articles the early European traders and explorers brought to Southeast Asia.
Retrieved CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list ( link ) Nurlela Adan, Ermitati, Rosnida.
1946 : the French bomb Vietnam 1946 : RCA Victor releases the first vinyl record 1946 : TWA and United begin transcontinental flights from New York to California 1946 : A gangster, Bugsy Siegel, opens "The Flamingo" casino in Las Vegas 1946 : the first.Amaryllis zeylanica kata word kath speech, talk, story kati a hundred thousand koi ten million kelahi quarrel, fight kalaha quarrel, fight keling Indian, black-skinned kliga related to Kalinga keluarga family kula varga kula: family, race, tribe or caste, kin.A rough person Min Nan thó-kang construction worker tun rupiah as 1 rupiah, 100 rupiah Min Nan tún, tún.( Allium schoenoprasum ) Min Nan l-ki, l-gi scallion loknan hardship Cantonese lok6 naan6 to meet with misfortune; to be in distress loksek bankrupt Cantonese lok6 sik1 fall downto cease loksun dry cough Cantonese lok1 lok1 seng1 cackle, chuck?Bekleding upholstering bekleding upholstering belasting tax, excise, duty belasting.Code of conduct for Japanese samurai canoyu Japanese tea ceremony chanoyu tea ceremony daidan battalion daidan battalion daidanco battalion commander daidanch battalion commander dakocan air-filled black plastic dolls - - dakko-chan a mascot the company mascot of Takara dan rank for judo, karate, and kenpo.Shopping mall with parking lot plaza plaza ponco poncho poncho poncho originally loan word from Quechua punchu retenidos remand (pre-trial detention) retenidos hold prisoner señor mister, sir, (title conferred on an adult male) señor mister, sir, (title conferred on an adult male) señora missus, Mrs.Submarine snorkel, snort 1 Sturm und Drang Sturm und Drang Sturm und Drang Sturm und Drang 1 überhaupt at all; anyway; in the first place überhaupt at all; anyway; actually; even Übermensch Übermensch Übermensch Übermensch.Festive galer ( Old ) to have fun; to enjoy oneself gala ball (formal dance) Dutch garnisun garrison garnison garrison garnisoen garrison Dutch guillotine guillotine guillotine guillotine impromptu improvised action impromptu improvised action intrik intrigue intrigue intrigue intrige intrigue Dutch kulot shorts culotte panties, shorts.

Lingua franca lingua franca lingua franca lingua franca (Frankish language) Lingua franca is a common language used by people of diverse backgrounds to communicate with one another, often a basic form of speech with simplified grammar.
Fortune, prosperity, success, thriving,.