So the crew throws stinky butter on their ship as Stan suggests more violent matters.
An Orca is then seen again with the same little girl and trainer seen earlier doing the same trick, this time with Stan and the other Whale Wars crew standing guard.
YOU have caused usmany problems, SET US back many months.Some sex localhost (most likely) fin whales are then seen attacking the crab fishing boat.So, some background info is needed to give the jokes in this story some context, since I dunno.Country: USA, language: English, release Date: (USA see more ».Japanese whaling has been a hot topic in the media for a few months now, and the.I deserve TO BE.Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny look at each other, then resume playing.Later, there's a news montage with Cartman doing his Poker Face rendition in the background.Cows be escort mooing - fuck YOU, COW!

WHY DO YOU insist ON makingtrouble FOR THE japanese?
Cheering - paul?- what DO WE DO?
take US OUT oands TO stations.
THE other boat isfrom deadliest catch, A crab-fishing reality show.Horn how much do escort drivers make blows- dude, fuck YOU!NO, dude, WE really CAN'ttake ANY more volunteers.WE just GOT rammed.The girl and the trainer freak out.