1) Smile in HD - (Oldrim) Description : A very popular teeth re-texture.
You should definitely go in game, and check that your NPC overhauls have installed correctly, and that none are experiencing the face bug.
It can also be escort card table wedding used for the follower mods Recorder, and Sofia, which are in the Followers section of the guide.
Belt Fastened Quivers isn't missing sounds, but the quiver will clip with some feminine walks. .
Simply give credit, and inform me when you include it into your mod.This is because it really is a lot more compatible, and it's a simpler option to use with the XP32 Skeleton (see below).#0007 Saadia doesn't like to be referenced.See section "Patches from the bottom part of the generator window Click "Update fnis Behavior" To check if new animation mods can cause problems: press the "Consistence Check" button If you have uninstalled any mod that uses the fnis Creature Pack: press the "De-Install Creatures".If nothing helps, and before you have to completely re-install windows, you might consider How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008.Some I prefer from this mod, and some from Bijin's.7) Joy of Perspective isn't in the guide.Added Execution without GUI (fnis window fnis windows will only appear in case of error or warnings.You just should not start both quests at the same time.

4) Bijin All in One SE - 1 (Y) Description : This works differently to how other mods are installed.
I've spent a lot of time trying different ones, and have enjoyed trying to find the ultimate combination for my personal tastes.
Drag and drop the temp_dir /Data folder into your Skyrim installation directory (usually C Program Files ).To make fnis work you can try to install fnis manually.For now, I would just install the one for ussep, or the one for ussep, and Immersive Weapons, and then change it for the one that patches them for icow later, if you end up using.I recommend reading about both, but if there isn't a specific reason you want ECE for, then I highly recommend Racemenu.If your not happy just uninstall it, and try another.OR: (NEW) (skse) Racemenu - (Optional) 2 Description : A similar mod to ECE, with some differences in features.

5- Copy the Data folder from your main install on linux and overwrite the windows one.
2) Masculine Argonian Textures - (Y) Description : A re-texture for the head, and body. .
Mods using fnis Behavior Non-adult: Adult: Mods from an all-adult site (in the links replace "LL" with name of the site!