So rather than putting my effort into making this mod better, I will simply include all those improvements into the future mod.
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The "Always Accept" version will be great for you only use the interaction when you want it to be a success.
I like the idea, will make a brothel much easier to run!Can you let me know which version you downloaded, and what issue you're having?Download ONE of the files below, and be sure to delete any past versions of this mod - they will not work if both are in your Mods folder!I know nothing about coding, so I can't look into it, but the Always Accept version is not.My Sim's starter kitchen!It guy fucks hooker doesn't seem any of the mod creators have taken this to the next level by making it a fully-fledged career yet, but that might happen soon.Previous, next, sport, fIFA 19: 10 Changes To Be Most Excited About.(I've had it downloaded for things like Exhibitionism, but I don't personally use animations much, though I definitely see the appeal).Until it feels more "finished" (i have a lot of future ideas for it) so then I will ideally only be updating it on those websites when I need to for a patch, not every time I make a change.It would be really cool if you took this prostitution mod and made it work with like animations WickedWhims.

Tumblr wouldn't let me use adfly links on there, I'll maybe make an actual website to take people to and then have adfly links on there if I continue using.
Very funny to watch, but not great for my story.
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Also, as I had a request, I have 2 versions of the Random Accept version now.2018 All the numbers of prostitutes in leicester Rights Reserved.Wow it'd be cool to get money for WW woohoo interactions, I use "get money for woohoo" mod so far but they tend to deny payment a lot lol it'd be so cool to see sth new.VIP Membership, for as little.00 per month you can become a VIP member.I wasn't aware of this, I have some pretty good protection on my computer as my dad works for the company that produces it so I've never had an issue with adfly.

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So now my sims are getting customers into the brothel and being rejected.