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Forward Phil Kessel, an American, acknowledged the outside forces at play but like his jakarta male escort teammates is steering clear of venturing into an area that often doesn't collide with hockey.
"It's not something that gets discussed at the rink Sullivan said.
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"I think to have the opportunity to go to the White House obviously means that you've won a championship and that means a lot Sullivan said.
"Everyone's got their own view.NEW newsletterheadlines, sIGN.On Monday, the Stanley Cup champion told the CBC that he grew up under the assumption that politics wasnt something really bred into sports.Like any white person who shares Crosbys side of things and whose government does not devalue his life on account of the colour of his skin, he has the luxury of regarding politics as a force too far away to complicate his day to day.From his side of things, he told the broadcaster, theres absolutely no politics involved.He quite literally has no skin in the game.

"Hopefully it stays that way.
It really became about free speech and athletes.
Yet the Penguins have found themselves unwittingly thrust into the increasingly uncomfortable intersection of politics and sports.I'm not saying he's a terrible person, but he made a terrible choice.That's how I kind of grew up playing hockey.TOP stories, delivered TO your inbox.The 49-year-old Sullivan pointed out he's been asked more about politics in the last three weeks than he has over the course of his entire hockey life including a 12-year career as an NHL player and another decade-plus as a coach combined.He has a chance to reconsider.Sidney Crosby is a lucky guy.