Worst of all, the islands aging power grid was wrecked, causing prolonged blackouts.
According to the Associated Press, the proposals range from eliminating various government agencies to cutting down the number of public holidays.
20, I felt irrationally worried that she would be scared during the storm, not guessing that the scariest part would come later.
Almost fantasy escorts 70 percent of our business depended on them, so weve had to be nimble and adapt.When I learned that Maria would make landfall as a possible Category 5 hurricane, memories of Hugo came flooding back, especially the eerie rattle of those shutters.If you walk in a bad ghetto neighboorhood with drugs, you will see prostitutes wlaking around and getting picked up by men.Ricardo Llerandi Cruz, have suggested doing away with 41 government agencies, some of which he claims are redundant.Unconvinced that positive changes will occur, 450,000 Puerto Ricans have decided to pack up and move to the mainland United States as a result.Hurricane Maria's devastating effects on Puerto Rico, along with the political face-offs and logistical problems that ensued, have been widely reported.Marias impact was brutal: bridges crumbled, street signs toppled over, trees were stripped bare, and practically every building suffered some sort of damage, from minor flooding to structural deterioration.

While I realized we were properly sheltered, the furious rattle of the wind against the homes metal shutters left me cold with fear.
Brushing my teeth with bottled water and reading magazines by flashlight for a couple of weeks felt more like an adventure than a hardship.
On a recent afternoon, the beachfront."There has been no economic plan for decades.I didnt know that surviving the brunt of a hurricane is only part of the ordeal, and the days that followed were not difficult enough to make me think otherwise.In addition to sanctioning prostitution and marijuana, Gonzalezs party has proposed cutting the number of public holidays from 20 to six, claiming that such a move would save 500 million a year.Sometimes the police stops and ask them if they are waiting for something and the prostitutes say they are waiting for the bus to pass by and the police just leaves, even thought they know they are selling their bodies in the street for money.Another noteworthy destination in Santurce.

Maria Teresa Gonzalez said to the.