rhyming slang for brother

meaning "An object as in a stone in the road.
The original English usage of the term "Tuck shop" stays intact.
Fanakalo in Zulu literally means "same as this" (fana same, ka as, lo this).
(I wish he gets a cramp!)."excessive rain" rammetjie-uitnek - lit "ram with its head held high".Potter-marie means a dumbass (Hindu language roots) right an affirmation, mostly used while giving traffic directions, as in "Go straight, Right.May also be applied to DIY projects.(Die man is te flou "The man is too weak.Can also refer to rough sex, similar to "naai".A person who talks non-stop.NZ edit naai (Afrikaans) copulate; but strictly speaking "sew from the action of a sewing machine needle.Dof stupid or slow to understand.Jissie a shortened version of "jislaaik".English-speakers use the first and second forms; Afrikaans-speakers the third.Praat 'n gat innie kop lit.

Nana grandfather (Not a slang words, prostitution uk reddit but a Hindi and Urdu word big 4 brothel meaning maternal grandfather) ou person Roti Ou / Bread Ou Hindi person Wit Ou a White person paining having pain pano money, from the Tamil word for "money".
"to vomit" (vulgar) krimpie old person kraaines lit.
The South African Indian equivalent of "Hey dude!" guzzie friend (from the Zulu guz'lam) Jaaver an Afrikaner person kassam serious, not joking.
Sarie Marais - is a popular folk la paz escort song.
Compare the US slang word phat.) kydaar visitor from northern provinces, especially Gauteng, to Cape Town; from "kyk daar!" "just look at that!".Patla can also refer to any kind of damp squib.The "flatness" refers to the fact that the area is geographically similar to farmlands.Equivalent of American "to bounce".Stukkie, stekkie a woman (from the Afrikaans meaning "a piece mostly used when referring to a woman that you have/have casual encounters with, girlfriend.For example, "Jinne meisie, jy maak my nou sommer lekker jags." ja-nee literally "yes-no an expression of positive confirmation.