Lowman, John (2000).
Only 5 of the prostitutes that male escorts johannesburg were the center of the story discussed in the article were street prostitutes.
However, there was absolutely no mention of race as a cause leading to prostitution and there was an especially low number of articles which mentioned international examples when providing information regarding prostitution laws and its effect on society.
When young kids see their respected movie stars acting like a prostitute, it may make them think that its ok, and even glorious, to be a prostitute.
Schneider kept her method section conciseby eliminating any unnecessary information.In conclusion, the media could act like a double-ended sword.Our media analysis focused heavily on gender as a key theme in the discussion on prostitution.Lack of education is a key factor in promoting poverty, higher HIV infection rates, and vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking (Kara, 2010.Unexpected results As communication students, we have been taught to seldom take in information through media as objective reality; however, to critically analyze it to view the underlined encoded messages.Farley,., Lynn,., Cotton, Ann.Lowman addresses four major ways in which this quasi-criminalization occurs, 1) It contributes to legal structures that tend to make the prostitute responsible of her own victimization, 2) It makes prostitution part of an illicit market, 3) It encourages the convergence of prostitution with other.CTVglobemedia owns the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star is owned.This also leaves the general public uninformed when it comes to understanding one of the main causes of prostitution.As the results of our study indicated, race not mentioned as a factor in prostitution at all even though aboriginal women are the majority of street prostitutes.However also significant is that large percentage of both former and current sex workers used as sources.

Lowmans data was drawn from an on going study of 100 years of prostitution reporting in the.
Also, while glorifying these women, it ironically also passes some sort of moral judgment on them somehow they are impure and sinful this makes it hard for prostitutes to seek the help that they need.
Another limitation would be that, our sample was only limited to mainstream publications and did not include other alternative print media which would have also provided some interesting findings.Further Research Furthermore, our research analysis can be further extended if a longer period of time was available allowing us to examine a bigger sample and analyze more articles.Prostitution continues to flourish and grow in unprecedented ways, without addressing reasons why demand to purchase sex has been prevalent throughout mankinds history, Prostitution is a sexually exploitative often-violent economic option most often entered into by those with a lengthy history of sexual, racial, and.According to Jiwani and Young (2006) Violence against women tends to be treated as atypical instances symptomatic of women who ask for it, then violence against sex workers who are generally regarded as societies others, tends to cast them as more blameworthy blaming them for.The media could also trivialize the severity and oppression of prostitution.15) From this staggering number of those women, several are situated within prostitution and sex trafficking.In Benoit et al (2005) study on sex workers in Canada they found that poverty was significant factor in why women turned to prostitution.