Architecture has always projected power.
Splendidly fantastic, architecture AND power games IN china by Julia Lovell, mao once called the Chinese a blank sheet of paper, and the modernising that came with the Cultural Revolution treated cities much the same.
The last-but-one Nazi prisoner of Spandau, Speer languished in jail longer than other high-ranking Nazis with arguably more blood on their hands.
For more than two millennia, imperial architecture was ruled by an elaborate body of rules called fengshui that in the interests of maximising political auspiciousness shaped every detail of building location and design.
But Maos destructive impulses were as nothing compared to the liberalised policies of his recent successors.In their position, layout and decorative schemas, palaces needed to be not only functional, but also symbolic of emperors potent combination of worldly and supernatural authority.We can turn down tyler texas prostitution sting projects the way they can turn down some clients, but weve both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.A strong Germany must have a great architecture since architecture is a vital index of national power and strength, he pronounced in the 1920s.It can be seen as the first, and still one of the most powerful forms of mass communication.Ten years later, he remade his point from a position of command: Our enemies will guess it, but our own followers must know.What architecture does, as no other cultural form can, is to glorify and magnify the individual autocrat and suppress the individual into the mass.Hitlers relationship with Albert Speer is the locus classicus of the affinity between architecture and power: the link between the two was so confused in the Führers mind that it is unclear whether he (a frustrated playing the whore the work of sex work architect himself) saw his buildings as a way.Architects are pretty much high-class whores, Philip Johnson (who himself had a thing for fascism in the 1930s) famously declared.A succinct six-syllable formula, tianling dili renhe, summed up the cosmic demands on the empires architects: asian angels escorts Heavenly influences must be auspicious, geographical features beneficial, and the actions of man in harmony with the social, cultural and political situation.His palaces and temples were an important part of fulfilling that brief: they had to demonstrate the rulers skill in balancing the forces of nature and man.

It is a means for inflating the individual ego to the scale of a landscape, a city, or even a nation, writes Deyan Sudjic.
For architecture, more than any other creative industry, depends on concentrations of wealth and power; on the states special ability to marshal resources and manpower.
The Chinese emperor claimed to be the Son of Heaven; his power derived from his ability to commune between the natural and the human worlds.
New buildings are put up to strengthen our new Speers half-built Germania lay in ruins after 1945, the Allies judges deemed his architectural schemes an ideological weapon of mass destruction.
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