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Another passenger said that two men had repeatedly tried to get into the cockpit.
"Police carried out a security search and cleared the aircraft to return to service, customers boarded and the flight departed to Luton.
The UK has been excluded from a Franco-German fighter jet project that is already under way, and has not built a fighter jet alone for several decades.The pilot was concerned about a disruptive passenger on the plane and requested air traffic control to divert to Stansted.He said a stewardess told him there had been a bomb threat made in Lithuania but other passengers learned that only when the captain made an announcement after the plane had landed in Britain.Emergency vehicles on the runway at Stansted Credit: Victoria Jones/PA.

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Ryanair passengers are taken to the terminal building at Stansted by bus Credit: Victoria Jones/PA.
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One of the two RAF fighter jets that intercepted the Ryanair flight from Lithuania into Stansted Credit: Andy Longhurst.
"Everybody started taking pictures and phoning everyone.The plane was carrying 308 passengers and 14 crew from Lahore when it was rerouted.This is a strategy to keep control of the air, both at home and abroad, to remain a global leader in the sector, Williamson said."When we were allowed to board we saw fire engines and a police car but weren't told anything and we took off he said.Advertising helps fund our journalism and keep it truly independent.She said: "I only got worried when we were landing and told that we hadn't landed in Luton, but at Stansted.Superintendent Darrin Tomkins of Essex Police told reporters that they were treating the incident as a criminal offence and not a terror related incident.