With the ability to identify patterns, methods of control, and vulnerabilities of victims through data collection and analysis, Polaris can identify weaknesses in the human trafficking networks and make strategic interventions.
Their programs reach beyond the United States to several other locations world-wide.
Let's Get Free, we, ordinary people around the world, hold an immense amount of power and influence to end trafficking.Although trafficking may seem like an exotic issue that only affects Africa or Asia, the reality is that it exists in every country, whether as a source or destination country for victims.Customized reports and dashboards are actively being used by Hagar as they apply for new funding opportunities and report to current supporters.The Need, the December 2000 signing of the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress escort firearms and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children by 88 countries in Palermo, Italy signaled the recognition by the international community of modern day slavery as a serious global issue.As the private sector is another key stakeholder in developing an anti-slavery global network, the app gathers and channels intelligence on slavery to the private sector.Photo courtesy of shazwan).The cloud-based app, which protects victim data with industry-leading Salesforce security measures, gives agents complete visibility into their territories.International Sporting Events: Student World Assemblys Red Card Project.AnnieCannons, mission : Economic power is the key to breaking the cycle of exploitation among vulnerable communities.Love146 will use the information you provide on this form for marketing and administration purposes, and to get in touch with you and provide you with updates.

The nonprofit has re-engineered its member management process with Salesforce to make joining the initiative as simple as possible.
Some survivors are even re-trafficked.
Part 2: The Fight for Freedom: 7 Organizations Combatting Human Trafficking.
By leveraging the collective economic power of concerned citizens around the globe, much can be done with comparatively minimal resources to support those NGOs that have proven track records of effective work, yet are in need of additional funding to solidify or expand their programs.Our comprehensive model puts shemale duo escort victims at the center of what we do helping survivors restore their freedom, preventing more victims, and leveraging data and technology to pursue traffickers wherever they operate.The strategy of the Not For Sale campaign involves providing safety and stability for victims, then empowering them with life skills and job training.With Salesforce record types, staff can store relevant information about each of these contacts while allowing them to change over time all without losing data from the contacts previous status.It is a brutal and thriving problem that generates an estimated 32 billion dollars annually according to the United Nations.The Bottom Line, human trafficking is a product of many factors including poverty, unemployment, political instability, war, globalization and gender bias- it is a complex problem with no simple solution.What part will you play?Trafficking in persons is the third most profitable business for organized crime after drug and arms trafficking.

Zoe International, established: 2002, locations: Thailand, United States, with the firm conviction that true healing and restoration come from a relationship with Jesus Christ, Zoe International swiftly moves forward in strength and confidence, empowered by the authority given by God to make disciples of precious.
Many NGOs have been working on the issue of trafficking for over a decade and have the networks and know-how to make a difference, yet they often lack sufficient resources and manpower to fully execute their programs.
Saving Innocence, established: 2010.