prostitution kandy sri lanka

And set those rates as marriage is a form of prostitution the Sri Lankan rate thinking that foreigners can and will afford that.
Foreigners, even at temple of tooth.
Some will, but most tourists will look elsewhere.
It is just sad the direction country is moving.I was also told some of these " so called boutique " hotels are owned by foreigners to rip off fellow tourists.You may know the different between Prostitutes and Escorts.They may be clean and less risk of STDs.They are offering same service but different price tags and mainly prostitutes are less clean and possibility to come up with STD.It is a basic need.I was told many reasons as to why the rates are so high, none of which makes any sense.But on top of that I dont recommend any one of them as prostitutes are illegal thing not only in Colombo but also all over the country.War is over so rates are higher!

When I visited the hotels I didn't see full hotels.
By online, Using contacts, through SPAs and just road prostitutes.
If you create a bubble it surely is going to burst at some point.Even with better profits most hotels ran less than 60 occupancy.You cannot charge a higher rate because country is peaceful as it is a basic need.Some were busy only due to weddings.I didn't post this just to put Sri Lanka down.Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, etc for the same price.How many of these " so called tourists" are ex-Sri Lankans with citizenship from other European countries who visited Sri Lanka on 30 day tourist visa?Sep 2017, room(s adult (12yrs.Two different prices for locals.