Status of Women, university of the Philippines Diliman, model.
Consequently it creates many doubts on the of audit team and its investigation and composed audit report.
One pay order was issued from DSC salary account on behalf of RH Miss Tooba Leghari for purpose of property transfer amount, this reflects ROM/RH were in constant habit of borrowing money from DSC.Respected Officer, This is for your information and necessary action, today on my way to office located at Circle Office Commercial Karachi East,15th floor MCB Tower, underigar Road, Karachi.Musharraf tortured/stressed /abused me mentally physically and put me in deep shock/trauma.What the reason behind his good father support, is he a family members in fact no he by prostitutes in hatfield case/surname Memon and working in government in DMG group,.Nadeem Hussain the grounds/reasons/justification for removing me from branch manager-ship of MCB Shireen Jinnah Branch in the month of September 2012. .Furqan another mohajir ROM in pursuance of racial victimization against Sindhi speaking.Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB Bank ltd) Fraud Flow Chart in MCB Gizri Branch By Mr.Beside that said area has bad reputation of law and order.Samina remained active as Branch Manager of Gizri being negligent and in violation of operational manual.Mustafa and Investigate officer Mr Arshad Mir to conceal/omit issue negligence of his brother and shift the burden onto lower staff and make them escape goat.Whereas all the taxes restraints are marked at time of account opening by centralized processing department.And fortunately he is also in same audit department south leaded by General Manager Audit South Karachi.

According to my sources he convinced management to allow DSC grace period to make out of bank settlement piccadilly circus prostitutes to repay fraud amount.
This is very shocking for me and it is very unfortunate for bank to have misguiding / perpetrator from controlling office who are working in pack and eating the bank from inside-out like termites and making the bank operationally hallow/ misguiding bank and making escape.
G.B.O of Gizri Br 1442).
Said branch IBS book is outdated not properly maintained and audit team/LCO/ROM-south/Circle authorities/AOH never inspected and inquired the matter and no afterward action taken, now Arshad Mir is forcing current BM/BOM to past the copy of IBS # 10328 after acquiring it from nearest branch.Please also inquiry matter with ROM-South (Syed Hassan Tahir Naqvi) ROM-East (Mr.Please make full investigation in said matter I am not criticizing instead provide correct field information for improvising for top management.Syed Hassan Tahir Naqvi, as he borrowed money and take kick-back from his sub-ordinate Branch Operation Managers, said information was also omitted by audit team south.If customer had a cheque with him then transaction nature will be changed and will fall under internal transfer through code chqd/cqwi.In fact, in the month of April 2012.Rafiq Anjum is not very educated and does not have the capacity to write statement prostitution in richmond ca in English, MCB Khayaban-e-Saadi staffs were assigned to write him statement in English and he was pressurized /warned for worst legal consequence by Auditor Mir Arshad and ROM south Syed.

I have also marked and shown the difference of the traits on the signatures pasted on the photo analysis chart by arrows.
National Schools Press Conference.
Aijaz Abro later deputed to MCB Khayaban-e-Saadi as branch manager where both very maintaining beyond official relationship afterwards and prior joining of bank.