" We must exterminate the Jews!
He is the most foul-mouthed character in the show.
Additionally in " Le Petit Tourette " he accidentally admitted to having a crush on a girl named Patty Nelson and also said that he and his cousin "touched wieners".It is also mentioned in " About Last Night.The hierarchy of Bangkok's buses from cheapest to best can be ranked as follows: Small orange bus, 8 baht flat fare.In these episodes, he usually convinces Kyle that he has good intentions, such as in the " Cartoon Wars " two-parter, where Cartman appears to Kyle that he is concerned about people's safety at the beginning, but it is later shown to only have been.It's usually nothing more than a quick peek inside, unless you are looking particularly suspicious.Khanom Chan is popular because it has a sweet scent, a slightly oily thoroughly from increasing coconut milk and a smooth texture.Compared to the West, the cost of a ticket is a complete bargain at around 120 baht.Beware of a very overweight Western woman who approaches you with a story about how her luggage has just been stolen and needs money to get home.They typically wear colourful fluorescent yellow-orange or red vests and wait for passengers at busy places.

Some (but not all) also put on shows where girls perform on stage, but these are generally tamer than you'd expect nudity, for example, is technically forbidden.
Cross-river ferries run around every 10 minutes and only cost 5 baht pay at the kiosk on the pier and then walk through the turnstile.
In " The Passion of the Jew Cartman also speaks German, but most of his words are mispronounced, leading us to assume he only knew a few Nazi slogans.
" - Cartman posing as a teenage prostitute He also has displayed traits of gender confusion; he occasionally has tea parties with stuffed dolls (pretending they are talking about how cool he is owns a (supposed) female cat named ".
Two further pitfalls are that buses of the same number may run slightly different routes depending on the colour, and there are also express services (mostly indicated adult sex contact by yellow signs) that skip some stops and may take the expressway (2 baht extra).which screws him, as in the end his penis is still below average; he goes to Fat Camp in " Fat Camp and resolves to lose his weight, but is then kicked out, and he is left crying and eating a donut; Cartman makes.Other option with Visa card would be go to branch of any Thai bank and withdraw money at window using cash advance which should be without any fees, but there are reports some clerks are lazy and refusing customers sending them to use ATM, when.During the time of being yelled at, Cartman doesn't seem to demonstrate any angry response and simple allows the psychologist to curse Cartman's obesity, and even proceeds to sends a text message/e-mail on his iPhone in a non-concerned manner.It could also mean he has a sexual fear of Uncle Jesse from the TV show Full House.They charge 150 bath for six photos.Another scam is for a friendly Thai person to approach a tourist and provide a set of recommended locations to visit, including at least one shop, and even volunteer to mark them on your map and negotiate a fair tuk tuk price to take you.

The best-regarded (and most expensive) is Bumrungrad Hospital, which attracts about 400,000 foreign patients per year or an average of 1,000 a day.
In the episode, Cartman grows frustrated with Heidi for taking so long to get ready when they planned to go to the pumpkin patch together.
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