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She left her only child behind to be looked after by his grandmother.
"When I have a punter, as soon as I bring them upstairs I'm maturity date car lease polite, take them to the room, takes the money.
She has immaculate dyed hair and Poundland nails.For now, Leah, whose name weve changed to protect her identity, is off the streets.Before that areas around the city centre and parts of the docks were where the vast majority of prostitutes worked.I have had cameras on the building for my own security, Ive had to invest in lighting.Pimps come to Swansea from cities across Britain, it's claimed, and police say organised crime gangs coming to the city are 'embroiled in drug misuse and sex workers' (Image: Gayle Marsh).

Women were aged between 28-48, all but one, from Swansea, lived locally 12 out of 17 interviewed were using drugs, most of these were heroin or crack addicts 14 out of 17 had children (not living with them).
A man pretended to comfort her, telling her she has to work.
I don't want to have to work on the street.
She says she was driven into prostitution after becoming hooked on a cocktail of drugs after years of abuse at the hands of her older brother, who drank himself to death.
"I have been depressed now for a long long time, well over 20 years, and it's just getting worse and worse.He said two million people a year and 900 vehicles a day pass through."I'm out until about 3am.Friday, Saturday and, oddly, Monday nights were always the best.Coy said: We dont have a red light district in North Wales but we do have sexual exploitation.There are also pop-up brothels appearing, according to Unitys Mr Davies, who describes houses being rented for a short amount of time before the organisers walk away from them when they are on the point of discovery.Cardiff council's cabinet is meeting on Monday to make its response to the report published in March last year by the Community and Adult Services Scrutiny Committee of the council.They leave condoms in our bin area also on street and in park where children playCardiff resident."I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and I find it very difficult to speak to people especially in authority.".Unsuspecting drivers who take their cars to car washes in North Wales are being approached by migrant gangs who are offering them girls for sex.

I do feel sorry for the women who are in the position to do that, they cant make their money any other way to feed their drug habit or drink habit.
Unable to shoplift any more because everyone knew her, she turned to prostitution.
I have never done it without a condom - girls would charge more for that.