Gudaibiya - Gulf Taipei Restaurant - Dive Bar Location A 2 minute walk away from Mandarin.
Have some of the story of a prostitute the best DJs in Bahrain.
The Crowne Plaza is a high class hotel which has very friendly and welcoming staff.
Got good music and karaoke.The crowd is usually middle aged Arab dudes who just want to sit and drink.I took the lift to the eighth floor and headed to the bar promoted with the women.Value for money, neat clean and comfort.Juffair - Hotel Diva - Skybar Good bar and lounge.Typical Kuwaiti buildings - Kuwait City wonder how many hotels provide such services throughout Bahrain?Truly creepy and awful place.Crowd mostly consists of asian star brothel Filipinos and it's unofficially known as a Filipino club.Good place to chill.Good bar facilities, you can smoke in the bar, They have San Mig Light which is a great beer, in a convenient place for other entertainment.Upon striding into this smoke-filled and noisy room, I was confronted with a stage sporting five young Russian females, clad in bikinis and diaphanous veils.

Adliya, clay Oven, indian Restaurant/Dive Bar, cheap drinks prostitute life story and good Indian atmosphere.
They show most football matches and the seating is pretty nice.
Floor without ever lifting them.
Don't get me wrong, the food is good.Try the lamb chops.Every thing is well.Good food, good crowd, and chill place to hang out.I returned to my room and was removing the power cord for my laptop when my eye espied a tiny piece of paper on the floor - no more than a few centimetres long.