Katanas are decent weapons, but there are better ones.
Of course, usually if your wife asks for a divorce, you've been a real physically abusive Jerk Ass up to attention whore test that point.
The Thief also doubles as an Archer in the first game, and Gunner in the second and third.
Clowncar Grave : Lychfield Cemetery.The loading screens mention that you gain purity from eating vegetables, because unlike meat, no animals were harmed to make your dinner.This second possibility is uncomfortable because it leaves us vulnerable.NPCs will note how ridiculous this.The game still received praise for being rather open-ended with both questing and character creation, and is regarded by some as a genuinely good game, just not what it could have been and it went on to be one of the top selling games.A wisp takes up far less space than an actual Hollow Man.We who have achieved a relative amount of education and position and income and status dont like much to think about this, but the original followers of Jesus were, in the eyes of the culture, all pretty much losers lowly fishermen, despised tax collectors, prostitutes.

In the first all you can do is perform expressions, give gifts, and be generally attractive to make a person fall for you, and once you're married your wife will stay with you unless you go out of your way to abuse her regularly.
By, joe Skrebels, fable 4 was pitched as an industrial-age game that covered "late Victorian proper far out Jules Verne s*t according to ex-Lionhead art director, John McCormack, but Microsoft rejected the idea.
For every choice, a consequence.Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking : In all three games, after you commit crimes in a town, a guard will run up to you and charge you with a list of all of them, offering you options of how to respond to the charges (pay.Fable II revamped the stealing skill: now, anyone can steal from anything at any time.Fable II also has Purity and Corruption, which represent how well you take care of your body and how people perceive you.A net gain of 50 good points and some renown for marrying, impregnating, and killing random women (in Fable I though it can be a very efficient source of money and renown).In Fable III you have to get Sam and Max home in time for tea.

One obvious one is that they are defending themselves from waves of undead hollow men when you get there.
There's even a Planescape: Torment joke in there.