Chinese Slang Dictionary - A dictionary of Chinese slang, colloquialisms, curses, vulgarities, dialects, and street talk that Chinese characters, pinyin romanization, and an English version.
"You are being a nuisance, go see whether you can make yourself useful somewhere else!
To swing a rack, shelf jijnz equiv.prostitute; young woman bnláng Xsh a young, attractive girl, usually scantily clad, hired to sell betelnuts in street stalls ( is a classic beauty from Chinese history/myth lit.Xx tribe/clan/family zhngcoméi to kiss someone passionately, leaving a reddish mark (equiv.High society, the rich and famous; equiv.

In a sentence, there is normally at least one verb that has both a subject and a tense.
The smell of human feelings lèisle exhausted, worn out; lit.
Little strong one guòtóu in excess (as in, to oversleep) làichuáng to stay in bed (esp.
'vegetable bird' tinzhn naive (said mostly of young girls lit 'heaven real' zhtóu idiot; lit.
bìzu shut up (interjection, often said by parents) chzu to interrupt someone talking (as in "Stop interrupting.Stupid egg huàidàn crook, scoundrel; lit.A fox where to find prostitutes in mobile alabama spirit mloh a dominant wife; lit.Turtle egg huò goods, merchandise, stuff; drugs báich idiot; stupidity; lit.Translations Examples prostitute (also: girls who provides illegal sexual services ) volume_up sn péi noun prostitute volume_up mài yín zhě noun prostitute volume_up mài shn zhě noun prostitute (also: courtesan, floozy, gull, harlot ) volume_up jìn noun prostitute (also: whore, girlie ) volume_up chngjì noun.White fool chnhuò idiot, blockhead, dunce, moron (used infrequently) shgu fool, simpleton (sometimes used lovingly prostitutes sri lanka colombo lit.Squid choyóuyú to be fired, sacked; lit.

To fight with the mouth) djià to fight, scuffle (physically) bfng to keep watch, be on the look out (esp.