The cast also opened up about the melbourne city brothels benefits of singing every note live.
In Polish Roma Theater version the track is titled " Miłe panie " Nice ladies Les Miserables OST 2012 - Lovely Ladies Les Miserables - Lovely Ladies Les Miserables (Original London Cast) - Lovely Ladies Les Misérables 6- Lovely Ladies Les Misérables (Original Broadway Cast).
Ive been thinking about this for the last three days, having watched the movie on Wednesday night.
While the other three girls take it in good humor and laugh it off, Fantine later feels heartbroken.Cautionary Subtitles: Spoiler Alert.Grossman, Figuring Transcendence in Les Miserables:Hugo's Romantic Sublime, Southern Illinois University Press, 1994,.120." John Andrew Frey, A Victor Hugo Encyclopedia, Greenwood Press, Westport,., 1999,.96.In that harbour over there.Fantine: What can I do?Sailor 1: Lovely lady!

Valjean then walks to Fantine, whispers to her and kisses her hand.
Whore 1: Come on, dearie, why all the fuss?
They agree to do so as long as she sends them money to provide for her.
Look down to view spoilers.
Sailor 3: Lovely lady!It can make you want to cry.'.In the novel, by contrast, Valjean describes her to Cosette on his deathbed.Valjean comes to find out the reasons Fantine became a prostitute and why she attacked Bamatabois.Dismissing the act, Valjean orders dating love and sex tips Javert to free Fantine, which he reluctantly does.In the 2012 movie Fantine sells two of her back teeth.Oscar Wilde presented her as a figure whose suffering makes her lovable, writing of the scene after she has her teeth removed, that "We run to kiss the bleeding mouth of Fantine".

The money she earns is sent to support her daughter.
Whore 3: That's right dearie Show him what you've got!
It was not a waste, and Im definitely conflicted about my final recommendation.