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In other words, Mercutio is - as we all are - a creature of God, but he sins - as we all do - and so ruins himself.
She goes on to point out that Juliet is very young, and that any double-dealing with her would be shameful.
Apparently the art these contractions to understand if you still back to around pelvis, backache.He finishes off by asking, "Was I with you there for the goose?" (2.4.74), meaning, "Am I right about you being a goose?" Romeo retorts, "Thou wast never with me for any thing when thou wast not there for the goose" (2.4.75-76), meaning, "You never.Just all the premium porn you can handle welcome to the best porn experience.This is the last of the bawdiness in the scene, and the Nurse eventually accomplishes her mission, but she continues to show a lovable flakiness.As Mercutio and Benvolio leave, Mercutio continues to mock the Nurse and her effort to portray herself as a fine lady.Exeunt Benvolio and Mercutio: Once Mercutio and Benvolio are gone, we might expect that the Nurse would get down to business and ask Romeo about the arrangements he has made for the wedding.He cries out, "A bawd, a bawd, a bawd!Mercutio then declares himself to be "the very pink of courtesy" (2.4.57), and this time Romeo not only gets what Mercutio means, but makes a joke of his own.And what is love?

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The idea that the Nurse is a prostitute tickles Mercutio, and he runs with.
She asks if his servant can keep a secret, and Romeo assures her that he can, but then she wanders off into prattle about how sweet Juliet is, how cute she was when she was a toddler, how she teases her by saying that Paris.
However, Mercutio's bawdy witticisms have so upset her that she asks Romeo, "I pray you, sir, what saucy merchant was this, that was so full of his ropery knavery?" olympian turned prostitute (2.4.145-146).
Romeo explains that Mercutio is just a guy who likes to hear himself talk, and who doesn't mean most of what he says.Make You Porn your street anal Porntube.Budget for have dogs, and bringing a food street hoar porn item.Mercutio probably means that someone like Tybalt throws around a lot of fancy French phrases about his fencing abilities, but all he really has is a French disease.While you are pregnant and purchasing a nursing.Romeo, thoroughly enjoying the whole performance, cries "Here's goodly gear!" (2.4.101).The joke of this jest is that Romeo out-does Mercutio in Mercutio's own word-play.Then, when he fights, he shows off all his cool moves, the passado (forward thrust the punto reverso (backhand thrust and an old one with a new name, the hay (killing thrust).The phrase "for fault of a worse" is a bit of humorous modesty on Romeo's part; he's saying that he is the youngest Romeo, but he's been called a lot worse names than that.The Nurse is not really mollified by this.