Singapore: A 44-year-old teacher has been found guilty of counterfeiting two S100 notes and using the forged bills to pay a Vietnamese woman for sex.
"At first I did not understand what he meant, but he showed me that my money was fake.
Nico Matlala is at it again after a prostitute prostitution perth claimed he paid her with fake money after providing sexual services in his car.
Matlala, who shot to infamy by dating celebrities like actress and newsreaders Palesa Madisakwane as well as singer and actress Keabetswe "KB" Motsilanyane, denied the allegations against him.He testified it was pretty simple to.I also trusted him because I usually see him with our pimps."I was so embarrassed when the shop owner told me not to play games when I tried to pay for my roll-on deodorant.Wong had produced the counterfeit notes at home on Jul 24 using a photocopier and aluminium foil."The police listened to me but could not open a case.

Wong met a Vietnamese woman there and offered to pay her S200 for "services".
For counterfeiting currency notes and trying to pass them off as genuine, Wong could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined.
However, the homemade notes are far from a pronounced failure, and a recipient may make an easy mistake, District Judge Terence Tay said.
"This is a transaction between two people who were both doing an illegal thing said Mavimbela."I told the other girls about him and he will not sleep with anyone of them until he pays me she said."Do you want me to send you a screenshot of my bank balance?I gave him a good sex after dating 3 weeks time she said.Now youve got a felony offense on your record.The woman followed Wong back to his car, where he took two counterfeit S100 notes out of his wallet and put the forged bills straight into the womans handbag."Every time you write about me, I get a lot of girls sending me messages in my inbox wanting to go out with.

You wont be hard to find - you found her and they will find you.
I offered a service, what Nico did is the same as fraud.