police escorted funeral procession

Kennedy on his desk, thanking him for walking in the procession.
108 Not since the funeral of Britain's King Edward VII, in 1910, had there been such a large gathering of presidents, prime ministers, and royalty at a state funeral.
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79 80 On Sunday evening the State Department issued its Official Narrative of Events for November 25: 'AT THE white house.
1 Pakenham, Michael (November 25, 1963).64 65 More than half the mourners came to the rotunda after 2:45.m., by which time 115,000 had already visited."Mikoyan Flies to Washington prostitution act nz As Russians Praise Kennedy".58 Lardner., George (November 24, 1963).Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

"Satellite Puts Rites On All-Europe TV".
130 Jackman, Frank (November 25, 1963).
Dozens of motorcycles accompanied his body to the site of his funeral in Montgomery County.His grandfather was a World War II pilot.28, 38 a b Associated Press 1963,. .Kennedy will not have to halt behind the Caparisoned Horse.76 Queen Frederika of Greece, and King Baudouin I of the Belgians were just some of the other members of royalty attending.Johnson, issued Presidential Proclamation 3561, declaring Monday to be a national day of mourning, 16 17 and only essential emergency workers to be at their posts.