The B-52's (album) used the non-working number as the title of a 45 rpm "B"-side track on the 1979 version of hit single " Rock Lobster 19 the song's main character dials the) stupid number all day long" only to find it disconnected.
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CBS News correspondent Bob Fuss reports she seemed less forgiving in an interview in 2000 when President Clinton's adultery was in the news.Deborah Jeane Palfrey is accused by federal prosecutors of racketeering by running a prostitution ring that netted more than 2 million over 13 years, beginning in 1993.8 9 By country edit Australia edit Per the acma web page Fictitious numbers for radio, books, film TV, version October 21, 2009: 10 Premium rates Geographic ranges Central East Area Code Region (covering NSW and ACT (02) 5550 xxxx (02) 7010 xxxx South East.Morals: The website's homepage explains that all information is submitted by thoughtful community members who want to see an end to the depravity of prostitution.It has been used in the films Munich, Scott Pilgrim.London uses xxx; Cardiff uses xxx; and Belfast uses xxx.

As Giuliani's regional campaign chairman for the South, Vitter could prove another headache for Giuliani, who has faced a spate of bad news, including the federal cocaine indictment of his South Carolina chairman, state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.
Ofcom (October 26, 2004).
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Telephone numbers starting with the digits 555 are assigned to subscribers as ordinary numbers.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.Two digit area codes which consist of digits between 2 and 9 are geographic areas, while area codes ending with a 0 or a 1 denote other services.This number remains unassigned in 1-716 Buffalo (where the film is set).Potential Prostitutes accepts submissions from anonymous sources claiming to have information about women who work in the sex industry and posts not only their photographs but their personal contact details too.Photos/Video by Nobody: 4:23pm On Apr 27 Igbo chidinma Aaronzy : Igbo Amaka was jesus mom a prostitute 6 Likes 1 Share Re: Two Prostitutes Fight Publicly In Enugu Over Male Customer.Date : Wednesday, 05 September 2018 at 04:34.5 In Germany, the 1981 Spider Murphy Gang song Skandal im Sperrbezirk (Scandal in the Blocked Zone) contains a telephone number, zweiunddreiƟig, sechzehn, acht : 32.David Vitter, whose telephone number was disclosed by the so-called "D.C.

But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way.".
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Early Bell System publications which needed to illustrate a telephone with a number displayed on it commonly used, and for multi-button phones, -2369, -2370, -2371, etc.