2004 Aug 30 Travelers That Float A flibbertigibbet you are, aha!
2004 Apr 26 Looking Lively And Feeling Crap Can this be it?
She's come undone-her valium useless as mythical gods 2004 Jun 30 Maidens Irritated When Their Purity Runs Out A thesaurus was stoned to death, a diction'ry was raped, 2003 mature escorts in berkshire Sep 26 Mail-Room Mystery A weakness for detail 1998 May 4 Majestically Behavioral The bilious fishwife.
What is that great black bird I see?
2005 Jan 16 Boredom City Sherbert, not Opopanax 1998 Feb 17 Borrowing Twilight Come, Luggage!2006 Feb 14 Tithes Before Flamingos If heebie has jeebies and hocus has pocus 2003 Aug 6 Titillate but Don't Touch Versification is such titillation 2003 Jul 19 titlesgohere Francine, are real african prostitute you here?2004 Jan 12 Talisman Testicle You can't take it with you - or so I've been told 2004 Jul 21 Taller Despite Appearances The short-cuts that Yevgeny likes 2005 Jul 30 Tantric Diagrams The empty vest had seen some times 1997 Apr 29 Tapioca Mouthwash.2002 Oct 3 Impersonating Nelson for Fun!1998 Jan 5 Half-wits in Paradise I've heard it said that Hell is other people 2002 Nov 15 Halibut Without I ate my salad in a huff: 2003 Oct 6 Hammering On The Eyeliner Kick down the door of the lipstick factory 2004 Mar.2003 Oct 31 Exchange: Offer Me Something I'll make you an offer you can't refuse 2002 May 11 Exculpatory Dancing Giants, in their tedious way 2007 Jan 24 Exegetical Heresies Behold the Lamb of God 2003 Aug 18 Exemptions for the Uneducated Lozenge three words.the porter queried, 1999 Dec 16 Claudius Jointless, Claudius Pointless The other day I found a paper clip 2003 Aug 3 Cleaning the Little Weasels Where have all the guppies gone?I had a small Etruscan 1999 Jan 26 Walk, don't sniffle and you won't get it When I was walking this I saw: 2006 Mar 25 Wallpaper For Beavers I found your umbrella 2004 Feb 11 Wandering Socks Found Wanton When JB Priestley, in his.

2003 Jul 19 Untitled This is in free verse and I mean to state that always the cambembert is stale 2003 Jul 19 Untitled (haiku) When once I stood upon 2003 Jul 19 Untitled Dyspeptic diehards turn me on 2003 Jul 19 Untitled My luv.
the woman screamed 2003 Dec 9 If I Illuminate Life Only Slightly, I Shall I was born a prisoner in your dungeon of fish 2004 Jun 30 If If Why When How Who Big Brother watches the housemates perform 2004 Oct 8 If Kipling Required.
2002 Aug 7 Gartled Invertebrate Forum 'Subtle spelt with seven Ps 2007 Feb 17 Gates Shut By Accident Stunned, stunned 2004 Feb 12 Gateways Home To Worthing We set out, full of hope and ale, one grey December morn 2004 Apr 2 Gathering Clouds While.2003 Jul 29 Unbidden Answer to Cellular Message The telephone is ringing, dear 2004 Feb 15 Unblinking Again Atop my desk, her portrait stared 2003 Jul 20 Uncertain (haiku) He spoke haltingly 2007 Jan 22 Unchained Malady Into emporia crammed with grime, 1999 Apr.2003 Sep 8 Insupportable Toothbrushes The dream went to sleep, 2000 Oct 24 Integumental Teletubbies (Seventeen Hours Ago) Mine is the eggcup, yours is the hake, 2004 Jun 2 Intensify The Passion For Ophthalmology Bigfoot saw the racehorse 2003 Aug 29 Inter-Planetary Tomfoolery I once.2003 Dec 8 Extraterrestial Wingnuts Hooper wouldn't say his name 2004 Mar 29 Extraterrestrial, Improperly Aligned The cookbook used by Dr Who 2005 Mar 18 Eye-Flavored Scrutiny Prodigiously attractive 2002 Aug 5 Eyelash Radio Necessity's the mother of invention 2004 Aug 8 Eyeliner How Ever.2004 Jan 14 Contempt For Moustaches When nightfall arrives with a purplish glow 1999 Jan 28 Continental Head Time and again I'm obliged to remark 2003 Jul 17 Contrary Mutant So here begins a brand new tale 2003 Feb 7 Control of Our Feet.2003 Nov 12 When The Wings Are Spread Like Mustard Is Haiku passe?My little cat 1997 May 22 One Smug Portillo, Timely Forgotten These low and oily charmers 2005 Sep 18 One Will Between Friends In opting for a greyer black 1998 Sep 30 One-note Symphony on the Sudden Revolution From where will the words come?so spake the chieftain bold, 1999 Mar 6 Sugared Death Watching A simple thought occured today, entirely on its' own 2004 Aug 25 Sugary app to meet strangers for sex Benisons During Walpurgisnacht In conclusion, blessed child, 2001 Jan 11 Sunday, We Confess A monstrous sneeze assails the ears 2000 Dec.2003 Jul 10 Ketchup Alchemy A red hen, convinced that her eggs were sublime, 2006 May 12 Kiki On Speed The glittering lights of Montmatre in her eyes 2006 Aug 9 Kill None But The Brave Lover No mistress is so passing fair 2006 Jun.