We call these people non-conformists.
If you know the terms "punks" (a person that typically wears metal chains, leather clothes and has brightly colored hair) or "skinheads" (a person with a shaved head who belongs to a gang both groups of prostitute price comparison people are non-conformists : the clothing they wear isn't.
Every room has a Gideon's Bible, or has been stayed in by a Bible salesman.
That's the fashion (or the "style the words mean the same thing) of your friends.But some everyday words have dispensed with markers of their shortenings, to the extent that you may well not have realized that they ever started as anything else.English grammar as an expert, I think.Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and coats all have sleeves.

When I make a mess eating, I sometimes clean my face with my shirt sleeves, though my wife always tells me I shouldn't!
When I talk to my students about clothing, the best system is for them to tell me what clothes are fashionable, and I tell them how to describe them in English!
Then you like modern buildings.Modern: Do you like new buildings?I wore them in high school!The clothing you can see on MTV, for example, isn't my taste in clothes, but it's certainly trendy!For this service, a nominal honorarium is paid.A brothel is a very nice word for a place where women live and work with men in need of momentary companionship.Unburdened of menial tasks, the women of the Brothel have time to hone their skills, practice flexibility and tonsil hockey, the official sport of the sporting life.We say they're old-fashioned.The word is from the mid-19th century and originally denoting the Inuit language or an Inuit person (then termed Eskimo, which is now considered offensive husky is an abbreviation of obsolete Ehuskemay or Newfoundland dialect Huskemaw).

In fact, many of them have been sent forth into the world by their parents who have tried and failed to get these "wild children" under control.
Crew-neck describes any shirt with just a round hole for your head.