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The Court, relying on an escorts gillingham kent advisory opinion rendered by the Committee, held that if required to conduct the review, the nypd may white prostitutes in kenya not pass the costs associated with reviewing or redacting the footage requested onto petitioner.
Bowers today an elderly man with sloped shoulders and a shock of unruly white hair and believe that a half-century ago he was sought out by some of the most handsome men to have ever strutted through Hollywood.
Note: Theres no police interest privilege relating to foil.
The wcbs story followed an individual believed to be installing plumbing without a license, and petitioner sought information collected regarding the individual.
City of New York, Not Reported.2d, 2013 WL 1935321.D.N.Y.Washburn, Supreme Court, Oneida County, November 18, 1993 - Petitioner sought personnel records pertaining to herself; court granted petition, found that agency's "failure to respond to the repeated requests.Southern Tier Economic Development, Inc, 26 AD3d 633, 809 NYS2d 268 (2006) - Appellate Division affirmed finding that entity in question, a not-for-profit corporation, is not an agency subject to foil.Mann, 166 AD3d 798, 563 NYS2d 158 (3rd Dept 1990) - Inmate request for records regarding other inmates involved in a disturbance was denied based upon institutional safety and inmate privacy considerations.734, (3rd Dept.Craig, Supreme Court, Washington County, June 5, 1998 - Assessors worksheets found to consist of factual information that must be disclosed.NYS Department of Correctional Services, 174 AD2d 212, 578 NYS2d 928 (3rd Dept 1992) - When court previously heard case (155 AD2d 106 it rejected claim of blanket exemption following request for videotape of uprisings at correctional facilities; agency reviewed tapes and made various redactions.14 The aclu appealed to the full Ninth Circuit Court in March 2010.Among other items, the reports contained allegations that were not substantiated.

Muhl, Supreme Court, New York County, April 30, 1995 - Reports on Examination prepared by Insurance Department pursuant to the federal Consumer Product Safety Act become accessible to the public following the completion of a procedure designed to ensure that information presented is accurate and.
David, Deliberative Process Waterford.
Cited Encore and sustained assertion of exception.
Labor Law, 537, prohibits disclosure of information acquired from employers and employees for unemployment insurance purposes and falls within 87(2 a) of the Freedom of Information Law concerning records specifically exempted from disclosure by state statute.Hennessey 51 NY2d 62, 69, which held that The fee arrangements between attorney and client do not ordinarily constitute a confidential communication and, thus, are not privileged in the usual case.Due to extraordinary facts in this case, held that records indicating words spoken by persons in Twin Towers could be withheld as unwarranted invasion of personal privacy: Almost everyone, surely, wants to keep from public view some aspects not only of his or her own.Smith, 17 AD3d 195, 792 NYS2d 329 (2005) - Petitioner failed to demonstrate that alleged foil request and appeal were made to appropriate officials; could not rebut MTAs contention that records sought are duplicative of those already made available.Attendance Record, buffalo News, Capital Newspapers (1 Chittenden,.B.New York City Police Dept., Supreme Court, New York County, March 1, 2011 - nypd provided records in response to the request, and indicated that additional records could not be located.Court found that records request from City court were exclusively maintained by that entity, which is not an "agency" subject to foil.Other stories in the 286-page memoir involve Spencer Tracy, Cole Porter, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and socialites like the publisher Alfred.

Note: decision seems to conflict with holding in New York Times.
The New York Times.