number of prostitutes by country

Thailand: 45 sex workers per 10,000 people.
Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, however, in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated.
The number of prostitutes by country were collected from a wide range of public sources.
Number of police needed to conduct a prostitution sting in the US: At least 5 officers.This map shows the legal status of prostitution (not activities surrounding prostitution such as brothels, yorkshire sex contacts pimping etc) by country.Among the sources included security services estimates, reporting by public health programs, and other monitoring data from global criminal justice programs.In some jurisdictions prostitution is illegal.Additional Prostitution Information: Prostitution Statistics, prostitution Revenue by Country.Tags: world legal law prostitution status, loading.Related charts / graphs, you Might Also Like Our Friends' Posts.Vietnam33,000, south Africa30,000 children, united Arab Emirates30,000, france20,000.Prostitution Arrests: Number of prostitution arrests in New York City each year: Around 4,200.

Germany: 49 sex workers per 10,000 people.
In a few jurisdictions prostitution is legal and regulated.
Hong Kong: 232 in hostess bar.
80,000 men are customers of the sex trade on the island of Bali, Indonesia.For more information, please follow the dataset table below.260,000 to 285,000 men in Denmark admitted to visiting a prostitute.Last updated: 8 years once a whore you're nothing more lyrics ago, category: Country Info.India: 1,000 for sex with a virgin, 1 for sex with adult.10,000 men in Israel visit prostitutes each month.41 percent of them are married.

China:  5 Million, india:  3 Million.