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39 Burglary Crackdowns designed to reduce burglary are typically of two types: those that focus on known burglars, and those that focus on other behavior thought to be connected to burglary (e.g., drug dealing, traffic violations, suspicious activity).
"Optimal Enforcement Policies (Crackdowns) on an Illicit Drug Market." Optimal Control Applications and Methods 19:169-184.
Among them are zero tolerance and sweeps.
Offenses Targeted Jurisdiction Year Project/ Operation Name Crackdown Tactic(s) Evaluation Deemed Effective Evidence of Displacement/Diffusion of Benefits/ Residual Deterrence Effects Evidence of Negative Effect on Police-Community Relations All crimes New York City (20 th Precinct) 1966 Extra police patrol (40 increase) Green (1996) Full text.
Reducing gun violence: Evaluation of the Indianapolis Police Departments directed patrol project.Others don't need to get caught; just hearing about a crackdown deters them.Without some follow-up court intervention or measures to change the environment, intensive enforcement campaigns only temporarily interrupt street prostitution, or move it elsewhere; they do not shut down a street prostitution market entirely.Drug Use and Drug Programs vigo spain brothel in the Washington Metropolitan Area.For example, if police make full-blown custodial arrests of all offenders, they risk reducing the police presence in the target area when they leave it to book prisoners.July 12, 2016 News Header: DeCavalcante Crime Family Associate Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Distributing Cocaine read more.

18 Whatever short-term reductions in crime and disorder they might provide, crackdowns do not address any of the physical or social conditions that often escort berlin independent contribute to crime and disorder, either in general or at particular locations.
May 28, 2014 News Heade r: Former Longshoremen Plead Guilty to Extortion Conspiracy Involving Christmastime Tribute Payments read more.
July 20, 2017 News Header: Commission Suspends Two Port Elizabeth Foremen After Separate Arrests.Types of Crackdowns, crackdowns, generally defined, take many different forms.7 For crackdowns to be effective, they must be sufficiently strong and long: strong enough doses of police intervention for long enough periods.April 3, 2012 News Heade r: Checker Suspended by Commission After Arrest for Unlawful Possession of Cocaine and Prescription Drugs."A LEN Interview With Professor Herman Goldstein, the 'Father' of Problem-Oriented Policing." Law Enforcement News 23(461."Scheduling Crackdowns on Illicit Drug Markets." European Journal of Operational Research 88:231-250.Geographic Target Some crackdowns are concentrated in small geographic areasperhaps a couple of square blocks or a housing complex.Equal value is placed on the identification and rescue of victims and the prosecution of traffickers.Some crackdowns emphasize police visibility only, whereas how much are prostitutes in bangkok others emphasize enforcement action.(1996) Abstract only ; Worden, Bynum, and Frank (1994 Potter, Gaines, and Holbrook (1990) Full text ; Sherman (1990 Kleiman (1988) Full text.