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Poundlands risque naughty elf ads, which showed an elf playing strip poker and teabagging a Barbie, have been banned.
Twinings Tea also appears unimpressed with the stunt.
In one, he is shown riding a donkey and bragging about finding a new piece of ass: Another image adult dating tips depicts the elf playing cards alongside topless dolls: And thats just for starters.
An ad showing the elf playing strip poker was also deemed offensive (Picture: Poundland).
Among the posts complained about were: A toy elf using a bottle of de-icer to draw a pair of breasts on a car windscreen, with the caption reading Oh Elf, we know its nippy outside but not that kind of nippy!In a statement, the ASA said: The overall campaign was based around puns and double entendres, which included sexual references.It also noted that the strip poker and teabag images presented the female dolls "in a manner which could be seen as demeaning to women".But Poundland's marketing director said the response to the campaign had been overwhelmingly positive - and cost hardly anything to make.However, after receiving 85 complaints the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that they are offensive and should not be posted again.The elf in a sink filled with bubbles with two female dolls, with the caption reading Rub-a-dub-dub, three in a tub.But the ASA rejected these arguments, banning the elf from being used in future ads."To ensure your elf doesnt behave badly, only adopt Scout Elves that have a solid red jumpsuit and arrive with their very own storybook."At least it's only 85 people who had a sense of humour failure compared to the tens of thousands who got the joke and liked and shared my posts online.".

The social media promotion has clearly been designed to get people taking about the retailer in the run-up to Christmas.
It was instantly criticised on social media, with some speculating the Twitter account had been hacked.
It ruled that the ads must not appear again and told Poundland to ensure that its advertising was presented with "a sense of responsibility and did not cause serious or widespread offence".
Another added: What a tedious attempt at outrage marketing.
More on money, quids IN, there's.8bn worth of old fivers and tenners still about - here's how to cash.It's time to show off your pancake tossing skills in time for Pancake Day!Others claimed the marketing manager was 11-years-old.Other campaign images, including a pair of breasts drawn on a car windscreen, and the elf beside a sketch of a penis-shaped tree, were obvious sexual references, the watchdog said.The elf playing strip poker with two naked female dolls and one naked male doll, with the caption reading Joker, joker.Other pics show the cheeky elf playing cards with a group of naked dolls, drawing a Christmas tree that looks suspiciously like a man's penis, and riding a cuddly toy donkey with the caption "Don't tell Rudolph I've found a new piece of ass.".He's also been seen taking on Star Wars villain Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle - but instead of using the Jedi weapon of choice, he's using a sex toy instead.