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During the American Civil War (18611865 the city became the world's chief cotton trading market, resulting in a boom in the economy and subsequently enhancing the city's stature.
This project, known as the Hornby Vellard, was completed by 1845, and resulted in the total area swelling to 438 km ohio state campus escort (272 square miles).
Annual temperatures range from a high of escort cosworth replica 38 C (100 F) to a low of 11 C (52 F).Auto rickshaws, allowed to operate only in the suburban areas, are the main form of hired transport here.International cricket is widely watched, and the city comes to a virtual standstill on days when the Indian cricket team plays important matches.The metropolis has its own local roadside fast food, comprising vada pav (leavened wheat bread split in half, with fried dumplings as filling panipuri (deep fried crêpe with tamarind and lentil sauce paav bhaji (leavened wheat bread accompanied with fried vegetables sandwich (white sandwich bread.Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found.Short History of Bombay Presidency.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

Mumbai is also one of the few cities that accommodates a national park, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, within its city limits.
The Western Railway runs along the western region of the city, while the Central Railway covers most of the central and northeast parts of the metropolis.
Hirandani Gardens next to Sanjay Gandhi National Park Like other large cities in the developing world, Mumbai suffers from the same major urbanization problems seen in many fast growing cities in developing countrieswidespread poverty and poor public health, unemployment, civic and educational standards for.
A young town, m Retrieved December 19, 2007.The backbone of the city's transport, the Mumbai Suburban Railway, is composed of three separate networks running the length of the city, in a north-south direction.Marathi television and the Marathi film industry are also based in Mumbai.Contemporary art is well represented in both government funded art spaces and private commercial galleries.Gully cricket, a modified form of cricket, is played in the narrow by-lanes of the city, especially on Sundays.Bombay Durpan - the first Marathi newspaper - was started by Balshastri Jambhekar in Mumbai on 1832.BusinessWeek August 12, 2005, "China and India." special coverage.Utility Services The BMC supplies potable water to the city, most of which comes from the Tulsi and Vihar lakes, as well as a few lakes further north.The Harbour Line is a sub-division of the Central Railway, covering a distance of 54 km along the south-eastern section of the city, near the docks, and extending into Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai).Most of the city's electricity is hydroelectric and nuclear based.

Names, the name Bombay is an eponym, etymologically derived from.
The port and shipping industry, too, employs many residents, directly or indirectly.
Mumbai is located on Salsette Island, which lies at the mouth of Ulhas River off the western coast of India, in the coastal region known as the Konkan.