950 crore (US 199 million) from the treasury of kings escort korea the Indian state of Bihar?
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That Irwin Gunsalus discovered lipoic acid, an enzyme cofactor which has been proposed as a dietary supplement to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases?04:00, 14 November 2008 (UTC).Army sprayed much of the eastern United States with zinc cadmium sulfide particles?That Don Bradman, universally regarded as the greatest batsman in cricket history, made a duck in his final Test innings?That Mount Wycheproof, standing just 43 metres (141 ft) high, is the smallest registered mountain in the world?Abruptly resigned in 1994 as vice-chairman of the United States Federal Reserve to join a "dream team" of financial engineers at the hedge fund Long Term Capital Management?That even though the Flettner rotor bomblet was never mass-produced, William.That Andreas Lauritz Thune, who took over the manufacturing company Thune at the age of 23, was among the founders of the Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries in 1889?Under NEW management swa217be 24 HRS Friday Saturday 10am-6am Sunday to Thursday G5874378AA-dc20Mar.That veteran Tour de France commentator Daniel Mangeas has been called a "talking encyclopedia of cycling " because he never needs notes?

That the Fodder Scam involved the alleged embezzlement of about. .
That the 1925 Irish Senate election required a change in the law governing the layout of the ballot, to allow all 76 candidates to be listed?
That Sanctus Real was the most-played artist on American Christian radio in 2006?
That the 20 deaths in the Donora Smog of 1948, called one of the worst air pollution disasters in American history, have been credited with leading to passage of the.S.Lautrec" followed by "Gold Bevel".That most of the information available about English novelist Phebe Gibbes is derived from an application to the Royal Literary Fund for financial support in 1804?That artist Adam Neate left 1,000 prints, valued at 1 online dating will er nur sex million, on London streets for anyone to pick up and keep?Good attention to detail and strong work ethic required.That many Norwegian political parties opposed the establishment of a State Secretary, only to expand that institution when in power?05:20, 18 November 2008 (UTC).

That Rear-Admiral Charles Austen s family included Admiral of the Fleet Francis Austen, and the novelist Jane Austen?