Two arrested Romanian men - an uncle and nephew - are accused of being ring leaders.
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Immigration, along with Mexican authorities, arrested 37-year-old Antonio Lira Robles, a prominent leader in the Los Granados sex trafficking ring.13-1308 if you knowingly traffic another person for forced services or labor, and can face increased charges if you knowingly benefit, financially or otherwise, from the victims participation.The shutting down of the businesses came after management at the various establishments were not able to provide the needed permits to operate as bars, while the makeshift hotels did not meet sanitary standards.This week, Tamaulipas state officials raided four clandestine bars and three makeshift hotels that were reportedly being used as brothels.Ring leader tattoos a bar code on her wrist to mark his "ownership".In actuality, the girls are put to work as prostitutes in the Queens or the Bronx, going from customer to customer in taxi cabs or vans.

Mexicos Grupo Radio Formula published an expose on sex trafficking and forced child prostitution in the border city.
Sex trafficking is charged as a class 2 felony in Arizona and will likely come with a long prison sentence.
According to the officials, issues of public safety and the regulation of businesses in the zona de tolerancia is a matter that is handled by the city, not the state.
He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Stephen.You can follow him.The longstanding business involves Tenancingo men courting young women from across Mexico, namely in small rural towns.Federal and state laws strictly prohibit the trafficking of humans, especially for prostitution, and any individuals found guilty of doing so will face severe consequences.CNN Freedom Project, in all, police disbanded two prostitution rings along Madrid's Montera Street that were operated by two Romanian nationals - an uncle and his nephew - and authorities arrested a total of 22 people, including the two relatives, in Madrid and Getafe, police.