metallica song about prostitute

This song is about the breakup of a relationship, specifically Gordon Sumner.k.a.
Song is about teenage/young adult angst, and the search for love.
I ain't ever satisfied." I Ain't Got No Home By Woody Guthrie.Your eyes have died, but you see more than.Ode to a world wide traveler.".I don't want no peace, I need equal rights and justice.A tribute to Coney Island and it's famous amusement ride the Steeplechase.If the terrorists are Saudi And the bank takes back your Audi And the TV shows prostitute salary usa are bawdy, bomb Iraq." Bomb Song By Lynda Williams.About the joy of life and the importance of living one's life to the fullest and not taking people and/or things for granted.This song is based on or inspired by the Bible's Psalm.Well first she took my nest egg and then she took my nest.And I believe, that maybe today, we will all get to appreciate the beauty of gray." Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw By Dion.You gotta, you gotta give it your best shot.I'm a walkin' talkin' miracle from Vietnam." Drivin' Nails In My Coffin By Hank Thompson.

Need a shot to get me through the day." Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground By Willie Nelson.
It's only eap talk." The Eleventh Commandment By Collin Raye.
Those prices just got way too low.
".What we rave about today, tomorrow we bereave.You'll never come back.Ain't that a trip.There is no excuse for not getting what you want." All You Need Is Love By The Beatles.Mom and Dad will never understand.