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Sit back, relax, and let the place cards do the guiding.
Wouldnt these be really cute magnets for a Save the Date?
Less work for me!
Alan Mays, collector of such cards and other historical oddities, says that these cards were used as a means of introduction and were never taken too seriously; they usually had pick-up lines that will leave you in splits, but also leave you slightly impressed!This goes for guests gambia prostitution stories with dates, engaged couples, and male-female friends coming to the reception together.Whatever you choose as your "card finishing it with calligraphy immediately takes the display to the next level.Helpful (0 reply @atalante: Sounds great!9 The major benefit of tent-style cards is that your guests will be able to pick them out and read them much faster, preventing a traffic jam at the entrance to the reception area.Its important that handwritten cards be printed legibly so that your guests dont struggle to read their names.Helpful (0) Reply @TheFutureMrsLamkin: I was going to do this, but then they told me that I didnt need to, that I just needed to give them a seating chart and they can take care of the rest.Ill post another one whenever I decide to start playing with my card design.

4, put the womans name first on cards for unmarried couples.
For this dreamy French destination wedding, blue Kozo-paper place cards were calligraphed in gold.
3, list married couples by their last name.
From classic tented cards and marble slabs to those affixed to mini vases of flowers or tucked into beds of fresh fruit, there's a unique you way to use calligraphed escort cards in your wedding.Continue all the way around, tie a knot to secure in back and trim your thread.4 Use matching table and place cards for assigned seating.Become a Certified Lovely Vendor.The options are endless when you're customizing your place cards at Zazzle.

Consider including the persons middle initial if they have a common name that may be shared with other guests.
Start from the back at the top, hole number 1 and go over clockwise two holes, hole  number 3 and back down.
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