Devoid of the garish styling found on later Panteras, this simple Italian-American exotic looked the part and delivered the goods.
1980 Lotus Esprit.2, james Bond may have installed a speed-sapping ski rack on his, but the 1980 Esprit Turbo was Lotus's first true supercar.
The blueprint for all great Saabs that followed, and the peak of the marque's 1970s glory.
The last of the great '80s Japanese coupes.The Cosworth's awesomeness was only supplanted by that of the second-generation Ford Focus.One of the winningest British Fords of all time.Its a lightweight shell that someone bought and built it all.

1996 Subaru Impreza WRX Type R STi The WRX Type R STi was a 271-hp, 2700-pound homage to Subaru's WRX rally car.
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Mick Johnson, who was competing in last months Rockingham Stages rally, owns and thrashes a Ford Escort Cosworth that precedes factory backing.
Despite being spectacularly good, Porsche's luxury GT didn't find much of an audience.
Since Ford decided to withdraw its factory backing and financial clout in 2012, success in the top flight of rallying has had to be savoured by the Cockermouth-based outfit ten long years between Constructors title success.It never came to the United States, but it's still a lustworthy piece of Fuji Heavy heritage.1977 Saab 99 Turbo, when Saab paired the then-novel turbocharger with its quirky 99 hatchback, it created a monster.The stainless steel meet guys for sex body and gullwing doors add up to a relatively high curb weight, but remember: Where we're going, we don't need.A hotted-up, sexed-out version of the ordinary DB4.A torquey six lives under that long snout, and while it's no high-rpm screamer, it's still strong enough to get the job done.You know you want.(If you don't need roads, you don't need curbs.