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Brokenshire (1999) edit The Liberal Police Minister, Robert Brokenshire, introduced four Bills in 1999, the Prostitution (Licensing) Bill 1999, the Prostitution (Registration) Bill 1999, the Prostitution (Regulation) Bill 1999 and the Summary lexi rayne escort Offences (Prostitution) Bill 1999, to revise the laws and decriminalise prostitution.
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This was in contrast to Victoria, which has tougher regulations around sex work and where ten investigations were underway.
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Chris Seage, owner of consultancy firm Brothel Busters, said that Nair "needs to come clean on where he got his drugs from".Eventually NSW became a model for debates on liberalising prostitution laws.But just as momentum builds towards other countries following NSWs lead, with Amnesty recently calling for full decriminalisation globally, the inquiry could recommend adopting far tougher regulations already in place in Victoria and Queensland.Elect Committee into the Condition of the Working Classes of the Metropolis described widespread prostitution."Hundreds of brothels tipped to shut as Western Australia legalises prostitution.Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia.In the absence of reform, varying degrees of toleration have existed.ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

All of these laws were explicitly directed against women, other than living on the avails.
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After transfer of sovereignty to Australia in 1955, Singapore's colonial law was still in force on the islands until 1992.
Sex Work and Sex Workers in Australia.148 Current situation edit Premises-based sex work edit In November 2005, 95 licensed brothels existed in Victoria and a total of 2007 small owner-operators were registered in the state (Of these, 2003 were escort agents, hungary escort price two were brothels, and two were combined brothels and escort.New Zealand and a failed attempt in, western Australia in 2008.We respectfully submit that pressure has to be put on State Governments to consider the Nordic policy approach in order to begin to address the scourge of sex slavery.83 In 1978 one of many inquires was launched.Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.Because I'm a Whore.Sydney: Fontana Collins, 1984".