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136 Late 20th century: From prohibition to regulation edit A Working Party was assembled in 1984 and led to the Planning (Brothel) Act 1984, 137 as a new approach.The Act is now referred to as the Sex Work Act 1994.Opposition to all of the recommendations of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry.Retrieved "Submission to Sex Industry Act Review 2008 (Tas Scarlet Alliance November 2008".PRWeb May 14 2013 Daniels K (ed.) So Much Hard Work: Women and prostitution in Australian history."Legalised sex trade to clear suburbs.106 Key and Lensink are collaborating across party lines to develop the legislation, sexual exploitation being the obvious potential in an industry like this, and its introduction to the Legislative lyrics to seven headed whore Council is intended to test key elements of the legislation with important opponents in the.Attempts to pass contagious diseases legislation were resisted, and unlike other States, legislative control was minimal till the general attack on 'vice' of the first decade of the twentieth century which resulted in the Police Offences Amendment Act 1908, and the Prisoners Detention Act.While much of the activities surrounding prostitution were initially criminalised de jure, de facto the situation was one of toleration and containment of 'a necessary evil'."Attorney General challenges anti- prostitution lobby.

107 Family First MLC Dennis Hood is a key opponent, arguing "I'm yet to have anyone say they want their daughter to be a prostitute".
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208 A division exists within the government party, with some members such as Nick Goiran threatening 'civil war'.
205 In practice, it proved difficult to muster sufficient public support, and the Bill did not attract sufficient support in parliament either.3 Despite this the brothels of Kalgoorlie were legendary."South Australia Labor MP Steph Key makes new attempt to decriminalise prostitution.Prostitution Control Act 1994 (Vic) Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic)."Review into prostitution must benefit women not business ABC "."Hundreds of brothels tipped to shut as Western Australia legalises prostitution.