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Instead of street prostitutes operating in quiet areas of the city they might have to operate in dark, unsafe areas he said.
The Dutch government decided in 2000 that the best way to control prostitution, reduce sexually transmitted diseases, and protect women and girls from abuse was to legalize prostitution and the operation of brothels while regulating the trade.
Equally strong feelings were that women should not be punished, since many of the prostitutes were known to be improperly enticed or actually forced into selling their services.
The number of sex workers in Sweden dropped more than 40 per cent during the next five years, and the price charged for sexual favours has also fallen.A crucial part of the legislation is that it will abolish a controversial 2003 law, introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was interior minister, that banned passive soliciting on street prostitutes co za the street.She said: "The Dutch pragmatic model was based on Dutch adult women working freely, now we have seen a shift and the women working don't necessarily have that freedom of choice, quite a lot do not.".The opposite policy still exists in the United States, where there are 50 times as many female prostitutes arrested as their male customers and handlers.The British government has already signed up to the 2011 EU anti-trafficking directive, which insists that governments put in place policies to tackle the demand for exploitation."It is clear that there is growing support of framework where the purchasers of sex are criminalised, rather than the people selling sex, not just in Scandinavia, but in France, Northern Ireland and others while there is a growing disillusionment in places where it has.Opponents of the law warned that cracking down on clients could push sex workers further underground and into vulnerable situations with less protection.The intent of this liberal law was to give the prostitutes some protection, with their work permits and mandatory health inspections.Amnesty International, another group that opposes the legislation, states that laws against purchasing sex mean that sex workers have to take more risks to protect buyers from detection by police.

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The security minister, James Brokenshire, said the government was committed to eradicating modern slavery in all forms.
President Nicolas Sarkozys 2003 legislation against 'passive soliciting'.
There had been an effort in Sweden for a hundred years to pass legislation making illegal the purchase of sex by men, picking up prostitutes in gta san andreas and when new legislation was drafted and debated in 1999 this was the key issue.
Then join The Local France.The new legislation would overturn that law if it is adopted by parliament.But activities around it are.They will be forced to take unemployment benefits, which will simply cost the government more money.Selling sex is not illegal in the UK, but certain associated activities - soliciting, kerb crawling and running a brothel are.Brothels were outlawed in 1946.So those on a lower income will risk accepting their clients requirements which can be dangerous, such as not using condoms.Serious and Organised Crime Strategy and a priority for the new.I remember how surprised I was to walk down the streets on my first visit to Amsterdam and pass windows in which attractive women were showing off their personal wares.The key to the relative success of Sweden's approach is to prescribe punishment for those who own and operate the brothels, control the women, and also the male customers who provide the profit motive.